Mikhail Saakashvili, who held the post of head of the Odessa regional state administration from may 2015, has resigned. The politician said this at a briefing in Odessa, the closing of the service Center of citizens, and the failure of the launch of Open customs area, according to Gordon.ua.

Saakashvili explained his resignation by the fact that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko supports two clans in Odessa and area pass not just corrupt officials, and enemies of Ukraine, reports “Ukrainian truth”. “In this situation I decided to resign and start a new phase in the fight” – the politician said during his speech in Odessa.

At the beginning of his address to the citizens of Saakashvili beckoned to the two girls. “Near me are the guys that won the contest for positions in the Open space of the customs,” – said the head of RSA.
The Governor noted that the funds provided for the work of the organization were stolen. “We were expecting early in the year this repair (in the corresponding center. – Approx. NEWSru.com) will end. But the money was stolen. As always, we were deceived. At the beginning of the year, the President promised to support the project. But he didn’t lift a finger to get this project up and running. How much can you lie and trick,” protested the Governor.

According to Saakashvili, to work in the new center scored young people, and then feed the members of the faction Poroshenko adopted new rules that will not allow the new organization to work. “I appealed to the President with an appeal not to sign this law. After my appeal he signed it, and the center closed. And those people, of Odessa, left again at the old centre of Trukhaniv (the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov. – Approx. NEWSru.com), where you have to wait two months or to pay bribes”, – the Governor told.

“I’m sick. I’m really tired of it – another broken promise. We see that the forces of regression are attacking all progressive. We see that all new beginnings are killed at the root. And all this happens in front of the whole of Ukraine,” the politician continued criticism of the top leadership of Ukraine.

Saakashvili also reminded of the recently completed electronic Declaration of Ukrainian deputies and officials, where “more money than it would take to fix all the roads and make all European roads to other regions”. According to the politician, the Declaration became “the last straw”.

In addition, Saakashvili spoke about the practice of granting administrative positions in exchange for bribes. “For six months does not nominate three of my four deputies. And now they are again: again he began to sell place of heads of district administrations. The administration of the President through a bogus competition once again brought the old corrupt. And it does not work. I would like to say: I’m tired. And what’s the difference to the Ukrainians, who will be to them a reckless attitude: Poroshenko or (ex-President of Ukraine Viktor) Yanukovych? What is the difference Ukrainians, who will Rob them: Enakievo or (the people’s Deputy from the Bloc Poroshenko Igor) Kononenko?” – asked the Governor.

According to the Governor, Odessa “as looting and plunder (people’s Deputy from BPP Alex) Goncharenko, (MP from the Opposition bloc Sergiy) Kivalov (the people’s Deputy from the group “Renaissance” Anatoly) Presman”. Saakashvili called the “pillars of corruption,” interior Minister Arsen Avakov and Gospitalny service of Ukraine Roman Nasirov.

Saakashvili also said that “in reality, in Odessa region the President personally supports two of the clan: the clan is a bandit, criminal, murderers and 90s Trukhanova “Izmail” corrupt clan Urban (Chairman of the Odessa regional Council Anatoly Urban. – Approx. NEWSru.com), and all the power in the region gave these two and their allies-separatists from the “Our land” (the political parties. – Approx. NEWSru.com) and Anton Kisse (co-chair of the “Our land”, the people’s Deputy group of “Revival”. – Approx. NEWSru.com)”.

“In this situation I decided to resign and start a new stage of struggle,” Saakashvili said. “I will not give up. I don’t get tired. Let them hope and let them not expect to get rid of me. I’m that soldier that goes much as you can and then as much as necessary. How much for the complete victory and to rid Ukraine of this filth, this corruption of the dirt that capitalisim on the blood of our soldiers, the victims of the Maidan, which has betrayed the idea of the Ukrainian revolution and whose only motivation is to line their own pockets, to strengthen your clan and finally to Rob Ukraine”, – quotes “112 Ukraine” statement of policy.

At the end of his speech Saakashvili said that he intends to continue his political activities in Ukraine. “I am sure Ukraine has enough new, young, untainted forces (…) which are not associated with this trash. We will unite and we will fight for the victory of the new Ukraine, for Odessa, for the sake of all the other inhabitants of Ukraine. The struggle continues, and we are in this fight will win”, – concluded the Governor of Odessa.

The full 10-minute speech policy is published on his page in Facebook.

Open conflict between Saakashvili and the mayor Trukhanov began last year when the head of the Odessa regional state administration, said about fraud in the elections of the mayor of Odessa.

One of the last cases when the city authorities ignored the opinion of the Governor, was the demolition of the city’s dilapidated mansion doxa of the nineteenth century. In late October, Saakashvili spoke at the walls of a historic building with a fiery speech urging not to demolish the architectural object and accusing of corruption, the head of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov and members of the city Council. A few days later the mansion still destroyed.

Saakashvili became the head of the Odessa regional state administration may 30, 2015. Then the politician was granted Ukrainian citizenship, which required him in order to legally hold the office of Governor of Odessa region.

Saakashvili announced the resignation of the Governor of Odessa 07.11.2016

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