Former President of Georgia and the current head of the Odessa regional state administration Mikhail Saakashvili issued the Declaration for 2015. In it, he declared properties with a total area of 7417 square feet in Georgia, as well as a utility room in Odessa, reports

In Georgia, Saakashvili, in ownership and land area of 6820 and 500 square meters and a house area of 97 square meters. In Odessa he uses a room area of 54 square meter, which is owned by a third party.

In 2015, the Governor of Odessa received 38 601 hryvnia salary. In the Bank Societe General, Saakashvili keeps 57 thousand dollars and 129 950 UAH in “State savings Bank”. Also, ex-President of Georgia declared that Rolex wristwatch Deepse and stainless steel Hublot classic fusion.

Also in their Declaration, Saakashvili pointed out belonging to the son Nikoloz 35 thousand euros in the Bank ING. The wife of Mikhail Saakashvili , Sandra Roelofs declared an apartment 280 square meters in Georgia and 13 thousand euros in the Bank.

Saakashvili declared 7.4 thousand square meters of real estate in Georgia and service a room in Odessa 31.10.2016

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