The head of the Odessa regional administration Mikhail Saakashvili declared mass falsifications of results of elections of the mayor of Odessa. According to him, some protocols were altered “by hand”, which added votes to the current mayor Gennady Truhanov.

“In 2004, a similar technology conducted the election of Yanukovych”, – Saakashvili stated at the meeting on October 27 press conference. “We are now in 2015, and now in Odessa at the election is governed by the same technology,” – said the head of the Odessa OA, reports the website

As an example, Saakashvili has led a few copies of protocols with corrections. One of them is the difference between the original figure opposite the name of the incumbent mayor and the patch was almost 200 votes, reports

According to Saakashvili, there are about 80 such copies, in most of which there are fixes opposite the name of Trukhanov. The total number of voters does not match.

“I’m not going to put up with it. This system should be destroyed. I will not be silent”, – Saakashvili said. He stressed that by no means says that to win elections was to someone else, and admits that the acting mayor has had more chances to win, but it considers fair “not to ascribe voices and go to the second round”. “Then, despite my negative attitude towards what he (Trukhanov) does in the city, it would be fair. Decorum would be observed”, – said Saakashvili.

He also said that most of the election fraud in Odessa, are two subjects – the Secretary of Odessa city Council Brindak previously (under Yanukovych) the acting mayor of Odessa, the well known crime boss nicknamed angel. He, according to Saakashvili, “terrorized Odessa in 1990-ies”, but eight days ago I arrived in the city from London on a private jet.

About fraud in Odessa, said adviser to the head of the Odessa regional administration Alexander Borovik. According to the decree of the Odessa city election Commission, he took the second place with 66.5 thousand, or 25.7% of the vote.

On his page in Facebook Borovik wrote that his observers were about 80 of fraud in favor of Trukhanov. He added that with enthusiasm is preparing for the second round. “Or will second round, which is Komova in the committees will be volunteers or will all recalculate and revise the first circle,” wrote Borovik.

He said that he would contest the election results in court. The candidate urged his supporters to gather on Wednesday, October 28, at 16:00 at the building of the District Administrative court of Odessa, where will be considered the claim.

Also about fraud in Odessa, said the representative of the Opposition bloc, which includes many former allies of Viktor Yanukovich “Party of regions”. Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Mykola Skoryk said that the results “were” distorted. “We are seeing a typical election dogovornyak when the power in the person of the mayor and the Governor have agreed on what should be the outcome of the elections”, – quotes Skoryk “Ukrainian truth”.

The Trukhanov, which, according to the Odessa electoral Commission, won the first round, commented on the situation: “This is an absolutely normal process, when those who lose are the other to speak, by definition, cannot. Of course, they won’t admit that they lost… I think I need a little cool down, to act according to the law, referring to the territorial Commission, following the procedure provided by law, and not just unfounded scream”.

Elections in Ukraine were held on October 25. In the OSCE Office for democratic institutions and human rights noted that the elections took place in conditions of “domination of powerful economic groups”, as well as threats and physical attacks on candidates, but almost all the coverage of the electoral campaign in the media was paid. However, the OSCE concluded that the elections were competitive, well organized and broadly in line with the principles of democracy.

Saakashvili stated about fraud in the elections of the mayor of Odessa and the forger, nicknamed the angel 28.10.2015

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