Sakhalin ecologists looking for poachers, mocks the seals. The staff of the regional public organization “Ecological watch of Sakhalin” has addressed in law enforcement bodies with the request to punish the attackers.

Eyewitnesses of the cruel treatment of animals have become tourists. According to them, coming to fish in the Strait connecting Piltun Bay with the sea of Okhotsk, the poachers every time feet chased seals from the shore. “Their camp is about 4 km North of the Strait they put the network, partitioning the Strait, and every morning I go to the boat to check on them and every morning they kicked disperse seals from the rookery!”- according to a statement on the website of the “Ecological watch of Sakhalin”.

The tourists backed up their stories with a detailed photo report from the event. On the provided pictures you can see how two men go from a motor boat on a sand bar. On the shore at this time resting seals. Poachers bump a boat on one of them. At first the men rounded up all the remaining animals on the shore. Then the poachers pull the seal from under the boat and kicked it, pushing this way from the shore.

According to environmentalists, the rookery, disturbed by poachers, is unique: it is used three species of true seals, the spotted seals ringed seal (Akiba) and bearded seal (sea hare). “Now the number of seals here at the peak of their accumulated to 1700 pieces, and the largest Akiba (over 600) this rookery is the largest in the world,” – noted in the “Ecovita of Sakhalin”.

Experts on marine mammals, told the environmentalists that such treatment is deadly for seals. This time of year animals need to spend much time on land under the sunlight for the normal course of shedding. “If the seals constantly to drive in the water, their winter fur will not develop normally,” reports “Ecovita of Sakhalin, citing the opinion of experts.

In addition, the seals experience a lot of stress when people are driven into the water. “But among them now a lot of pregnant females! Not to mention the fact that hitting a boat on the animal can physically destroy it”, – emphasized environmentalists.

According to the staff of the “Ekovahty of Sakhalin,” the actions of poachers fall under article 245 of the criminal code (cruelty to animals”). In addition, men engaged in illegal fishing in the Strait pilton. In this regard, environmentalists have lodged a formal appeal to the FSB, interior Ministry and military Prosecutor’s office to investigate and to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Sakhalin ecologists need to punish poachers, “disperse kicks” seals 27.09.2016

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