The inhabitant of the Sakhalin found on the shore near the village of Ilinsky carcass of a sea monster. The remains of fur and a pronounced beak has caused confusion among users of social networks, writes iReactor. The discovery caused one absurd assumption after another, until the remains of a mammoth or a dinosaur, yet the dispute is not interfered with by scientists.

“This is the skeleton of a Dolphin. Definitely. This is indicated by the beak. Nothing unusual in that, since dolphins and whales are thrown ashore periodically, including on Sakhalin. Last year there were a couple of occasions. This year it is the first case for me personally. At least, no more photos sent. By the way, in the area is the Il’insk – beaching dolphins and whales often than in other places. Dolphin has almost disintegrated, so it’s hard now it’s so fast to determine, but judging by the beak, the head and ribs, nothing unusual,” he reassured “Sakhalin Media”, Deputy head of forecasting Department of PHUNU “SakhNIRO” Nikolay Kim.

The newspaper reminds that last year the photo with these remains were a true sensation. In a matter of days pictures of unidentified creatures at first, spread in social networks and Russian and foreign mass media. Special surprise caused the hair on the body of the deceased animal. However, Sakhalin research Institute of fisheries and Oceanography were able to identify a mammal. With a probability of 95% of the experts said that the carcass belonged to a baby whale North of driftwood. As it turned out, whales and dolphins are born covered with hair, later hair disappears.

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Sakhalin scientists have recognized Dolphin in the body of a hairy monster with a beak (PHOTO) 07.11.2016

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