After the singer Yulia Chicherina and the monks choir of the Valaam monastery of the Russian air base in Syria Hamim visited the ex-soloist of Russian rock band “Agatha Christie”. The musicians performed his most famous songs and promised to return again in Day of the defender of Fatherland on February 23.

“We’re here because my heart begged to come here. We are Patriotic people and we believe that the Russian army here really stands for peace, maybe she’s even the only army that truly fights for peace” – quoted by TASS Vadim Samoilov.

According to him, the staff of the airbase are very well received musicians. The average age of viewers was around 30 years old, so the song “Agatha Christie” many people know from childhood, said Samoylov.

“It was very nice to look at the military, because you see that they are doing some unloading. For me the most dear impression is when the commander came and told me that after our performance the guys said that it can another three months to stay. It’s a great honour,” admitted the musician.

According to him, the rockers are planning to go to Syria. The musicians promised to come up for the Russian military involved in the war with terrorists, “something special”.

Along with the rockers on the base Hamim also visited the ensemble of the Military space forces of the Russian Federation and the bard Nikolay Anisimov. During the concert the work of military aviation did not stop, in the air, circling helicopters, and from the airport flew attack aircraft and bombers.

Samoilov from “Agatha Christie” made in Syria before the Russian military, who “truly fought for peace” 25.01.2016

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