A resident of Saratov, Vladimir Ponomarev, famous for its summer campaign in Moscow with President Vladimir Putin, has again attracted the attention of the press. Saratovec went on foot from Brest to Gomel in gratitude to the Belarusian athletes who carried the Russian flag at the opening ceremony of the Paralympics in Rio in solidarity with removed from the competition team Russia. The man insists that his actions were not politically motivated.

A Ponomarev took the trolley for clothes, food and a poster with words of gratitude to the Belarusians, writes portal Tut.by. “Thanks to the people of Belarus for the support of the Paralympic athletes of Russia”, – reads the inscription on the banner (the spelling of the author saved. – Approx. NEWSru.com). According Tut.by the traveler has reported that the name Belarus written on his poster with the mistake.

The journalists met 56-year-old saratovtsy in Pinsk district on the highway M10 Kobrin – Gomel – the border of Russia, near the turn of Logishin. At this point, the journey Ponomariov lasted for a week.

The traveler asks him not to look for his act policy, saying that is not representative of any organization, public Association or a party. “This is my personal initiative. Just decided to give your people a tribute” – explained the resident of Saratov.

Ponomarev two years saving up for a trip to South Korea, but after the incident with the Russian flag at the Paralympics decided to visit Belarus in order to say thank you. In the way of Saratova sent his comrades in the club of fans of walking, some of whom are people with disabilities. “After the opening of the Paralympics we met with his fans club walking distance – and people are almost crying from the deed of the Belarusian delegation. This excess of emotion,” – said the traveler.

Ponomarev overcame Hiking trails in 23 countries

In Brest Ponomarev arrived by train on September 21. To complete the journey he hopes in mid-October. The way the Russians took the Primus stove, sleeping bag, tent, travel foam, pot, pump, spare wheels, a jacket, boots, two pairs of light shoes and a radio. The traveler spends the night in the field, gets up at 6:20, washes, cooks Breakfast and 8:00 out on the track. To 13:00 Ponomarev goes, then lunch until 14.30, again goes on the road and at 22:00 stop for overnight.

On the day it is about 40 kilometers. On the road listening to the radio and sometimes sings the songs of The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. The locals supply the traveler products. “Belarusian fat tried first time in my life. It turned out to be impossible. Takes you home”, – said the traveler.

During his life, Ponomarev visited Hiking in 23 countries of the world: Europe, Asia, the Arabian Peninsula. In the cold season saratovec works as a janitor in six stores to accumulate money for the development of a new route in the summer.

To campaign on Belarus Ponomarev went on foot from Saratov to Moscow with a letter to President Putin, asking him to strengthen the fight against corruption, to draw attention to housing and communal services, the Russian roads and health care. Saraliev brought a letter and handed to the administration.

The removal of the Russian Paralympic Games in Rio

The international Paralympic Committee (IPC) did not allow the Russian team to participate in the Paralympic games in 2016 held in Brazil from 7 to 18 September, and disqualified the Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC). The Russians dismissed the results of the report of the independent Commission of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) under the leadership of Richard McLaren, which in a negative light are referred to 35 local athletes with disabilities.

ASM appealed the decision to the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS), but it was rejected.
Individual admission to the Paralympics Russians were also denied.

In the Paralympic Committee of Belarus, the removal of the Russians considered inhumane. The Chairman of the sports Department Oleg Shepel called blasphemy that disabled people put at the head of the policy, transferring to the collective responsibility of a single claim. The head of the Committee said at the opening ceremony of the Paralympic games in Rio de Janeiro Belarusian athletes in solidarity will carry the flags of Belarus and Russia.

In the MPC warnedthat these actions will be regarded as political protest and in response will be taken. As a result, Belarusian Paralympic athletes still carried the Russian flag at the opening of the Games in Rio in solidarity with the national team of the Russian Federation. This step is called approval from many officials in Belarus and Russia.

After that, two members of the Belarusian delegation was deprived of accreditation at the Games in 2016: Director, center for Olympic training in athletics, Andrey Fomochkin, which carried the Russian flag at the opening of the Paralympics, as well as one of the leaders of the team.

Saratovec went on foot from Brest to Gomel in gratitude to the people of “Belarus” in the Russian flag at the Paralympics 29.09.2016

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