Famous Russian satirist Mikhail Zadornov announced that due to health problems forced to cancel the previously scheduled concerts and to refuse to participate in projects. According to Zadornov, to undergo a course of treatment it will be “one of the best clinics of the Baltic States”.

“Must bring to your attention, because otherwise about me soon spread different rumors: do I really have to cancel part of concerts before the New year. Especially those that are far from Moscow and it takes flights and long-distance heavy moving,” wrote the satirist in a social network “Vkontakte”. On the official website satirist currently provided three concert that will be held in October in Moscow and Moscow region.

“The body, unfortunately, discovered a serious disease, not only age. Should be treated immediately. No further clarification don’t want to lead, so as not to cause the saliva in our jeltsch journalists. Otherwise, start this entire journalistic slush, and I need balance and perfect calm,” said 68-year-old Zadornov.

According to Mikhail Zadornov, due to health problems he also needs to go as artistic Director of the new film “Once in America, or…”, which is taken from the script written by him. “The strength to play the role of President of the United States, sure enough. But to control the whole project can not”, – he explained. In addition, said Zadornov, he’ll probably have to go out from the project “Saltykov-Shchedrin show” on NTV.

“Hope for the future must always remain – that is my point of view. That is my main mood today. The story “Love and oil” placed “Vkontakte”, if possible, of course, want to continue”, he continued.

The satirist also warned journalists that call and find it useless, as it will be treated “in one of the best clinics in the Baltic States.” “And it is unlikely you at the clinic will answer me something specific as to treat in the European Union, who are opposed to Participating in a fake democracy and tolerance for them is very dangerous. So treatment will take place “in the dark” in stealth mode”, – he explained.

We will remind, Mikhail Zadornov in March 2014 signed an appeal of culture of the Russian Federation in support of the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine and Crimea. At the same time in Latvia were considered the issue of deprivation Zadornov residence permit in the Republic, but the decision has not been taken.
Because of its position on Crimea satirist was included in the list of persons banned entry to Ukraine.

Satirist Mikhail Zadornov has cancelled concerts due to “serious illness” 06.10.2016

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