Well-known satirist Mikhail Zadornov was hospitalized in Moscow on Saturday, reported RIA “Novosti” in the reference service of the Metropolitan ambulance. Physicians had been called during the concert. Zadornov in mid-October told him about the upcoming course of chemotherapy.

“I left the team yesterday, 22 numbers. Call serviced, taken to hospital”, – said the interlocutor of RIA of “emergency.” He did not specify in which hospital delivered the satirist.

The hospital confirmed the writer in his official group in social network Vkontakte, wishing Zadornov recovery.

According to media reports, Zadornov became ill during a speech at the concert hall “Meridian”.

In early October, Zadornov said that he was forced to cancel part of the concerts until the New year due to illness and upcoming treatment. What he has not said, but admits that the treatment will be long and will require a lot of effort: “In Newspapers and other Internet resources nonsense, for example that Zadornov incurable cancer of the lungs, and a link to some supposedly credible newspaper. First, teach: reliable Newspapers in our time does not happen. Secondly, this is absolutely not true. I do think that things are not as hopeless as it sometimes seems. Anyway, must… resist “In such therapy, like chemistry, you need to save power, not to spill them on all sorts of side hustle”.

Also, the writer responded to criticism about the treatment to the Baltic doctors, which sounded due to his regular attacks on the EU: “make no mistake: there are doctors that I see for many, many years. And live I have. And these doctors saved the best of Soviet medicine, not fully formed under the Protocol the EU.”

Zadornov writer, satirist, comedian, actor. The most famous theme of his speech – criticism of Western, primarily American, lifestyle, thinking and culture.

Satirist Mikhail Zadornov was taken directly from the concert 23.10.2016

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