The famous Russian writer-satirist Mikhail Zadornov last week cancel some shows due to “serious illness”, on his page “Vkontakte” thanked fans for their touching comments and well wishes and spoke about the upcoming treatment.

“There is in Newspapers and other Internet resources nonsense, for example that Zadornov incurable cancer of the lungs, and a link to some supposedly credible newspaper. First, teach: reliable Newspapers in our time does not happen. Secondly, this is absolutely not true. I do think that things are not as hopeless as it sometimes seems. In any case, ought to resist” – he explained.

As said Zadornov, “the treatment will be hard and long,” but because “many concerts are being cancelled”. “In such therapy, like chemistry, you need to save power, not to spill them on all sorts of side hustle”, he added.

Also, the writer responded to criticism about the treatment to the Baltic doctors, which sounded due to his regular attacks on the EU. “Make no mistake: there are doctors that I see for many, many years. And live I have. And these doctors saved the best of Soviet medicine, not fully formed under the Protocol the EU”, – he wrote.

Earlier it became known about the cancellation of all concerts Mikhail Zadornov before the New year, with the exception of performances in Moscow and the Moscow region, and its withdrawal from a number of television and film projects.

The satirist also warned journalists that call and find it useless, as it will be treated “in one of the best clinics in the Baltic States.” “And it is unlikely you at the clinic will answer me something specific as to treat in the European Union, who are opposed to participating in a fake democracy and tolerance for them is very dangerous. So treatment will take place “in the dark” in stealth mode”, – he explained.

Satirist Zadornov told about the upcoming chemotherapy: “must Resist” 12.10.2016

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