Saudi Arabia has privately admitted that one of the aircraft in the coalition, headed by the Kingdom, attacked the funeral procession in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, reports the BBC.

In the airstrike, according to the UN, killed 140 people and more than 500 injured. The rebels accused in the incident of an Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi authorities also agreed to work together with Britain to take part in the investigation of the attack, which included the second airstrike.

It is noted that it is unclear whether the solution adopted to drop bombs fighter pilot, or whether he received orders from command to do it. The Saudi authorities have stressed that they will not make any public statements until the investigation is completed.

Meanwhile, the creation of a special Commission on investigation led by Saudi Arabia coalition in Yemen has demanded from the UN Council for human rights Secretary General of world organization ban Ki-moon.

“The air strikes led by Saudi Arabia of the coalition have become
in the slaughterhouse, destroyed a significant number of medical institutions, other
objects of vital civilian infrastructure”, – told reporters the General Secretary (quoted by “Interfax”). According to him, the Board “must perform its function and act.”

The UN Secretary-General noted that the tragedy in Yemen, “requires a thorough investigation.” “In a broader sense must exist the responsibility for the horrors of this war,” – said ban Ki-moon.

Saudi Arabia unofficially admitted involvement in the coalition attack on the capital of Yemen 11.10.2016

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