Mobile app Plazius developed in the “savings Bank” for cashless payment in cafes and restaurants, began offering the service “non-cash tip” that allows you to give the waiters a tip using a credit card.

While the service is “cashless tipping” works in test mode, it is connected to several coffeehouses “Coffee house”. In Plazius expect that the majority of customers, including restaurants, “Jean-Jacques”, “Coffee house”, “Bread”, “Anderson”, etc. will have time to activate the service before the end of the first quarter of 2017. “Savings Bank” owns 50% plus 1 share Plazius, the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

According to the representative of the largest retail Bank of Russia, together with a check in a cafe or restaurant, the visitor gets from the waiter code to enter in the app Plazius. After entering the code from the receipt in the application the customer sees the order and can pay it tied to the app card.

Guest when payment can establish the amount of tip for the waiter, as a percentage of the check or arbitrary. She will be charged along with the invoice, and a tip to the waiter transferred to his personal account in “Yandex.Money” (state “Sberbank” – the main owner, and this company too).

As the client’s desire to leave a tip is considered a voluntary act of giving, non-cash tips are not taxable and are not subject to Declaration, said the representative of “Sberbank”.

At the same time, the newspaper notes, according to the CEO of the company RestCon Elena Perepelitsa, paid the waiter could not take place as the act of giving, as the waiter is an employee of the restaurant.

However, according to the President of the Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers of Russia Igor Bukharov, the new service is unlikely to contribute to the growth tip. If a guest leaves a tip in cash, it would not be difficult to do the same through the app, and if does not leave, it is not going to do this and using the application.

“Sberbank” will thank the waiter, moving the tip through the mobile app 18.11.2016

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