The security service of Ukraine (SBU) exposed a group of saboteurs, working under the order of Russia on the territory of Ukraine, particularly in Odessa. This was announced Wednesday at a press briefing the chief of staff of the head of the SBU Oleksandr Tkachuk, transfers TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

According to Tkachuk, the special operation to neutralize rezidenturas network was held on 19 March. SBU officers and soldiers of the “alpha” have detained nine members of a secret network of Russian special services. All detainees have a Ukrainian passport. Four of them were remanded in custody and the rest are under control of the SBU.

According to the service network operated in the Eastern and southern regions of Ukraine. “According to our information, directly to the creation of this network was involved in the Main intelligence Directorate of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation,” – said Tkachuk, probably referring to the Main intelligence Directorate of the General staff.

According to Tkachuk, rezidentura this network was created from existing and ex-servicemen. Its purpose was “to break in the critical infrastructure of southern regions of Ukraine, gathering information about these objects”, as well as the penetration of military facilities of Armed forces of Ukraine. In addition, the tasks of the group was the preparation and carrying out acts of sabotage and terror against the citizens of Ukraine, said the representative of the SBU.

Supervised the activities of the network of woman-from Odessa. All members rezidentura executives received remuneration in Russian rubles and Ukrainian hryvnias and in us dollars, said the head of the Main Directorate of military counterintelligence security service of Ukraine Sergey Levchenko.

He also added that the representatives of the SBU recorded the departure of this woman in the Crimea, where she “was trained in the intelligence center of the GRU of the General staff of the Russian Federation”. According to Levchenko, the learning spy “was attended by the curators directly from Moscow.” “While training in the Crimea, it was worked out legends cover the work of the group on the territory of Ukraine, were fulfilled tasks of this group worked out the size of a reward for the information that should have been the group to provide the center of the Russian Federation”, – he said.

The SBU also said that during the searches the members of the network of agents was discovered a list with the names of the seven Pro-Ukrainian activists. “The attackers have managed to establish further places of residence of these people, and the routes of their movement. They studied the lifestyle of these people,” – said Tkachuk. As notes TV channel, the names of people that were interested in agents, the SBU refused to name.

SBU reported about the exposure of the network of spies of Russia in Odessa 22.03.2017

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