The security service of Ukraine (SBU) announced the exposure of a “crime spree” of Russian security services – the abduction of blogger and former employee of the Federal security service (FSB) Ilya Bogdanov, who joined in 2014 on the side of Ukraine and participated in the battles near Ilovaysk battalion “Donbass”. This was stated by the Chairman of the secret service, Vasyl Hrytsak at a joint briefing with the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, reported on the website of the SBU.

The Department received information that stolen in Kharkiv region blogger plan to smuggle through the Russian-Ukrainian border. On the border with Russian intelligence operatives and soldiers of “alpha” detained two Ukrainians. They called customers to theft the Main Directorate of the General staff of the armed forces and FSB.

According to the SBU, the organizer of the kidnapping – enlisted two years ago, businessman and former Deputy of the Kharkov regional Council Vladimir Rozsokha. “The security service of Ukraine has collected all the necessary evidence to prepare and carry out kidnappings, including records of negotiations with all participants of the crime – from customers to contractors,” – said Vasyl Hrytsak.

He also added that law enforcers have the payment order confirming the transfer of money from the territory of Russia, – payment to the organizer for kidnapping. According to the SBU, Bogdanov had planned to smuggle in Russia, and after the interrogation is to kill.

According to Hrytsak, in February of last year employees of SBU detained the killer, who had to shoot Bogdanova from a sniper rifle. In October last year, the killer was sentenced to eight and a half years of imprisonment.

The Chairman of the security Service of Ukraine appealed to the representatives of the Russian special services: “Your “professional” activities are not only a violation of the canons of civilized work of the intelligence community, but also qualify as murder – a crime under international law has no Statute of limitations.”

On the channel of the SBU in YouTube is a video capture of the group “logistics”, the wiretapping materials of the talks and confessions of a former Deputy Vladimir Rozsokhy, which admits that the Russian curators of the operation has allocated five thousand dollars.

“My task was to establish the identity of Bogdanov, his location and to gain the trust and using a battle group, special means, to hold the hidden abduction Bogdanov, deliver it in the city of Kharkiv for further transfer to the territory of the Russian Federation”, – said the Rossokha.

As writes the Ukrainian edition of the Depo, Rozsokha not too well-known in Kharkov as a politician. In 2012, he ran for Parliament from the Socialist party of Ukraine.

According to the CEC, Rozsokha was born in the village of Korotich Kharkov, a Ukrainian citizen, in the previous elections five years lived on the territory of Ukraine, has higher education, was listed as President of OOO “Nasha Marka”, which manufactures specialty foods and natural cosmetics. In the Kharkov regional Council said that Rozsokha was elected Deputy of the V convocation from the “Party of regions”. The MP lasted from 2006 to 2010.

Rozsokhy colleagues on the Council were several of the so-called “Kremlin asset Kharkov”, which, according to a post of presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, hacked Ukrainian hackers had to create in Ukraine the public organization “Public initiative” the center of Pro-Russian movement in the spring of 2014.

Blogger Bogdanov spoke at the same press conference ( video 11 minutes).

“Trying to eliminate me continue. Most surprising: I’m a citizen of Ukraine, it’s just terrorist activities is unambiguous. I am a citizen of another country,” – said Bogdanov. He said that the kidnappers had injected him with drugs. The blogger has no doubt that after the kidnapping they intended to kill him, and praised the work of Ukrainian special services, after which the head of the SBU has promised to guard him, “that’s the third time has not come yet”.

12 Nov law enforcement agencies of Ukraine announced the search for Bogdanov, after his friends in Kiev sent a statement to the police about his disappearance.

Bogdanov – Russian nationalist, who went to war “against anti-popular Putin regime”

Ilya Bogdanov from Vladivostok, he graduated from the Khabarovsk boundary Institute of FSB of the Russian Federation. Served as security officer in the Republic of Dagestan and the state inspector in Primorsky Krai. Beliefs – Russian nationalist extreme right-wing views. He called his friends of the”Primorsky partisans” – a group that killed police and explain that the struggle against lawlessness of the authorities.

In early July 2014, he crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border, bribing border guards, arrived to Kiev and has addressed in security Service of Ukraine. He then joined the Ukrainian volunteer battalion “to assist their actions, their experiences in ending civil war in Eastern Ukraine trying to start the anti-popular Putin’s regime”.

The FSB officer said that he had decided to move to Ukraine because he was angered by Russian propaganda: TV, which shows no problems in Russia, “where everything is rotten,” and only speaks about Ukraine and “24 hours a day talking nonsense.”

“I am pleased that I came to Ukraine. Think that differently could not be. I couldn’t stay in Raschke”, he said in 2014 in an interview with “Radio Liberty”. However, he specified that “the war is not against Russia but against Putin’s anti-national regime, which crushed all democratic achievements, which was after the collapse of the scoop.” “Now again the country is immersed in reactionary Soviet abyss. It’s very bad, the country is going downhill and we need something to do,” he explained.

Last week, the SBU and the foreign intelligence Service of Russia (SVR) has announcedthat the Russian intelligence services prepare measures for large-scale destabilization of the situation in Ukraine.

On 10 November, the FSB said about the arrest in the Crimea suspected of involvement in the subversive group of the Ukrainian defense Ministry. According to the service, the detainees were planning to carry out sabotage of military infrastructure and life support of the Crimea Peninsula.

SBU told about unsuccessful attempt of the Russian intelligence services to kidnap and kill a former FSB officer who defected to the Ukraine 18.11.2016

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