The searches that the Investigative Committee of Russia jointly with the interior Ministry carries out today from employees “Open Russia”, associated with suspicions in money-laundering, received by Mikhail Khodorkovsky from selling stolen subsidiaries of Yukos oil. Searches are conducted “in the home and in the field of work of individual entrepreneurs and other persons, funded from abroad”, – said in a statement on the website of the Investigative Committee.

“Criminal case concerning the former main shareholders and managers of OAO “NK “YUKOS” the theft of their oil subsidiaries of oil companies Yukos and its implementation, as well as money-laundering, the proceeds from the sale of stolen,” – said on the website.

The investigation of IC is connected with litigation on the basis of which international courts have obliged Russia to pay the former owners of the company for more than $ 50 billion. “The investigation also verified information submitted by plaintiffs international and foreign courts on the legality and legitimacy of acquisition of the shares of OAO “NK “YUKOS” and the subsequent disposition”, – stated on the website of IC.

Lawyer Sergei adamsin representing the interests of the employees of the organization, announced his intention to challenge the searches in court. “Of course, going to appeal, as we believe the searches were illegal and unjustified”, – quotes its “Interfax”.

He said that investigations started early in the morning, is almost complete. From employees “Open Russia” seized “everything they could” – phones, computers, documents. The search continues in the car of the press Secretary for Khodorkovsky, Kyle Piispanen.

Searches in “Open Russia”

Earlier it became known that at least seven representatives of the organization came to search. About the visit of militiamen to employees “Open Russia”, in particular, reported in a Twitter activist Parnassus and “Open Russia” from St. Petersburg Natalia Gryaznevich. The search was also held Andrei Pivovarov, who had been accused of corruption.

The search was also held in the office of the party PARNAS in Saint-Petersburg and office in Moscow. Militiamen appeared house press Secretary Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Kyle Pispanen, as well as one of the leaders of the site “Open Russia” – Renata Davletgildeev. According to the chief editor of the website “Open Russia” Veronica Kutsyllo, SC and came to her, but her time was not at home, and her minor son investigators did not open the door.

“In the apartments of members of the Federal political Council of the Party of people’s freedom Natalia Gryaznevich, Andrei Pivovarov, a member of the regional Council Mikhail Roskin and Vadim Sukhodolsky held searches in the framework of the Yukos case. In the apartment Natalia Gryaznevich five investigators arrived at 6:30 in the morning, “seized a box of personal documents with receipts for utilities, all equipment, promotional materials for 2014, all party documents”. The search lasted three hours,” reads the official website of Parnassus.

In the decree which was published by the “Open Russia”, said that investigative actions are held in connection with a criminal case initiated on 20 June 2003 on the facts of causing material damage to the state and JSC “Apatit”.

The coordinator of the human rights program of the “Open Russia” Maria Baronova reacted to the ruling with irony. “Most of those to whom they came, in 1993 another is not something that 18 years was not, and they are generally on foot went under the table” – she wrote in Facebook. At Baranovoj of searches.

Messages about searches, commented on Khodorkovsky. “Searches in the PR after the meeting with the journalists. Again The Apatite. A repeat of 2003. Putin has become predictable. It’s the least stability”, – wrote he.

Baronova tied searches c the publication of “Open Russia” materials about “the Spanish case”, according to which the appointment of Alexander Bastrykin on a post of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee lobbied for one of Russian crime groups. Previously, the magazine The New Times published an investigation on this topic. It tells about the relationship of the “Russian mafia” in Spain with the highest political and power circles of Russia. Following this ‘Open Russia’ has released a full translation of the text of the indictment prepared by Spanish prosecutors. Besides, on the website of the organization appeared excerpts of telephone conversations of the accused.

9 December 2015, Khodorkovsky gave an online press conference, the broadcast which was conducted on the website “Open Russia”. Answering the question about employees “Open Russia” Khodorkovsky said that people who join the organization in the present conditions in Russia, understand that risk. “And he can’t be compensated,” said the former head of Yukos, stressing that “for them to make decisions themselves”, as he did himself when 12 years ago he returned to Russia and then spent 10 years in prison.

Later, Khodorkovsky in an interview with RBC, answering the question, as it protects the participants of the project “Open Russia” from the local authorities and security forces, and whether he gives them any security guarantees, said: “I am unable in the current situation, Yes I think that nobody is able to guarantee the safety of people engaged in public opposition activities in Russia. From this activity, as we enter on this path, people are taking serious risks. Naturally, they can count on some advantage in the future, when the mode is changed”.

The charges against Khodorkovsky

The charges of misappropriation by fraud 20% of OJSC “Apatit” and the non-enforcement of the court decision on returning them to the state belong to the so-called first Yukos case, which was convicted Khodorkovsky and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International financial Association MENATEP Platon Lebedev in 2005. Then it was reported that former top managers of Yukos was charged with the theft of 20% of shares of “Apatite”, resulting in damage to the state exceeded 280 million dollars.

Last week, the UK has charged Khodorkovsky, who is abroad, correspondence charges of organizing murders and attempted murders. According to investigators, ex-head of Yukos in the nineties were charged with the murder of mayor of Nefteyugansk Vladimir Petukhov and entrepreneur Evgeny Rybin, because their activities were contrary to the interests of the oil companies.

We will remind, in the summer of 2014 the court of Arbitration in the Hague awarded shareholders of Yukos compensation in $ 50 billion. As advocates, representing Russia, representatives of GML said in France to be arrested “remittances owed to the Russian Federation by the French companies”.

After Russia refused to pay, Yukos shareholders demanded to recover the compensation force. In early June, Belgium seized for the state assets of Russia in this country. Her example was followed by France.

Earlier on Tuesday, December 22, media reported that former shareholders of Yukos managed to obtain the arrest of payments by launch services provider Arianespace and satellite operator Eutelsat to Russian counterparties. The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov refused to comment on it in conversation with TASS, because he has no judgment. He indicated that the authorities are taking “legal actions aimed at protecting the interests of the Russian Federation”.

The Yukos Affair

Oil company YUKOS was declared bankrupt in 2006. Its former shareholders claim that the Russian authorities had illegally acquired the assets of the Corporation. “The Yukos affair” was heard in several courts, and the conviction against the Russian authorities was made not only in the Hague. For example, the ECHR also ordered Russia to pay former shareholders of the company compensation of 1.86 billion euros and court costs.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the St. Petersburg economic forum saidthat the decisions of the Hague court of arbitration are effective against only those countries that have signed and ratified the European energy Charter. The lawyers of Yukos has accused the Russian Federation in an attempt to escape responsibility for one of the largest thefts in history. Following court decisions in Russia was adopted the law, which will impose retaliatory measures for the arrest of the Russian property abroad.

SC explained the searches from employees “Open Russia”: they are suspected of money laundering 22.12.2015

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