The Deputy of the Pskov regional Assembly Lev Shlosberg, previously expressed outrage that a 15-year-old boy and girl died in the village of Strugi-Krasnyye, no one was able to provide adequate psychological assistance, asked the Investigative Committee to find out whether there has been the tragedy of incitement to suicide. The opposition politician also demands to check the actions of the public Prosecutor of Pskov region in place of the resonant incident. Meanwhile, the IC began checking on the fact of the leak in Internet photographs of the dead teenagers.

Schlossberg sent a request to the head of the investigation Department of the RF IC in the Pskov region Oleg Tushmalov with a request to inspect circumstances of death of the Pskov adolescents November 14, 2016 in Strugi Krasnie for possible offences under articles of the Criminal code: 110 “Incitement to suicide”, 116 “the Beating”, 125, “Abandonment in danger”, 224 “Negligent storage of firearms”, 286 “Excess of powers of office” and 293 “the Negligence”. This was reported on the website of the Deputy.

Earlier, on the fact of the tragedy in Strugi Krasnie a criminal case was initiated under article 317 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“the Encroachment on life of law enforcement officer”). According to the official version, teenagers fired at the car of police officers, and then the boy shot the girl and killed himself.

According to Schlossberg, there is reason to believe that the dead teenagers were victims in the crimes under articles of the criminal code referred to in his request in the UK. In this regard, the Deputy asked for the investigation to establish whether there has been family violence and assault against the teenager in one of the families; what were related the circumstances that the police in the morning of 14 November he received information about the alleged seizure by one teenager of another hostage, which led to a subsequent action by the security forces at the scene; to assess the legality of weapons and ammunition in the house where the tragedy occurred; find out what has caused the failure to negotiate with minors with special knowledge and training in the field of psychology, including the psychology of suicidal behaviour, as well as employees of the school where the children were trained.

In addition, Schlossberg requests to find out why the police and national guard did not use lethal weapons to limit the legal capacity of adolescents without harm to their lives; to assess the methodology of the negotiations of police and the national guard with a minor, including the ultimatum to surrender or assault; to assess the incitement to suicide on the part of those persons who were communicating with adolescents via the Internet; figure out if the building where there were teenagers, others not yet established, face; to set the type of weapons and ammunition, with which the dead juvenile was caused is incompatible with life wounds, and circumstances of use of these weapons.

Earlier, children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova has addressed in office of public Prosecutor of the Pskov region with a request to check, participation in negotiations with Teens in Strugi Krasnie psychologists or psychiatrists, which should be present in such situations. According to the Commissioner for children’s rights in the Russian Federation, in this case “too early to put a point”.

Schlossberg also sent a request to Prosecutor General Chaika

Another request has sent a Deputy Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika with a request to conduct internal check in respect of the Prosecutor of the Pskov region Sergey Belov in connection with his actions during the tragedy in Strugi Krasnie. Schlossberg noted that on November 14, 2016, head of the regional Supervisory authority and the Prosecutor of the Strugo-Krasnenskiy district of the Pskov region Anton Kuprikov were on the scene.

The MP reminds that “by order of the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation of 26 November 2007 N188… prescribed to put the matter so that the public Prosecutor’s supervision ensured the implementation of the legislation on protection of rights and legitimate interests of minors and youth, suppression and prevention of crime of minors”.

The Schlossberg notes that Belov being on the scene, did not initiate involvement in the negotiations with the minors of professional psychologists, has not requested the advice and assistance of the staff of educational organizations, where he studied a minor, did not oppose negotiations with law enforcement officers by use of threats and ultimatums that made the situation worse and could lead to suicide of a minor.

“I think that being on the scene, the Prosecutor of the Pskov region S. D. Belov their powers in the field of protection of the rights and liberties of minor citizens at a necessary and sufficiently used, thereby improperly performed their duties. On this fact I ask you to organize the internal audit in respect of public Prosecutor of Pskov region S. D. Belov,” – said in the appeal of the Schlossberg to the public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation.

Earlier in social networks and spread version, according to which the teenagers did not commit suicide but was allegedly shot dead by SWAT officers during the storming of the building. Supporters of this view have referred to the statements of the adolescents from the online broadcast of Periscope, which they were during the siege of the building by special forces. In particular, a boy and a girl said that all the weapons taken away from them, and the ammo.

The Prosecutor’s office of the Pskov region recognized lawful the actions of Regardie the storming of the house where barricaded armed teenagers. “The actions of the SWAT unit of the Department of Regardie in the Pskov region to curb criminal attacks teenagers are legitimate,” – said the Minister.

In Regardie also ruled out the involvement of fighters SOBR to the deaths of teenagers. In a press-service Severo-the Western district troops Regardie said that the staff of special forces during the operation, did not open fire and found the 15-year-old boy and a girl already dead.

It is known that shortly before his death, teen page girls in the social network “Vkontakte” appeared the status of “let’s Go beautiful” and later another message: “I’m not hostage, I will.”

According to the official version, in the village of Strugi-Krasnyye teen girl barricaded in one of the houses and opened fire on the guards. Law enforcement officials a few hours negotiated with the children, but to no avail. When a SWAT staff stormed the house, the young man killed his girlfriend and shot himself. Inside the commandos found dead teenagers.

SK checks on the fact of leak of photos from the scene of the tragedy

On the eve in the Network there were photos from the place of death of Teens, which are seen close up the body of a boy and girl with gunshot wounds to the head. Some media published shocking pictures. Meanwhile, the Pskov Department of the investigative Committee began checking on the fact of the leaked photos, said “Pskov information Agency” the assistant to the head of Department Anton Dobrokhotov.

According to him, the UK does not transmit pictures from the scene of the tragedy with the image of the corpses of strangers. “I repeat that we are strongly opposed to not only children but also adults watched not the most pleasant side of the work, which investigators face on a daily basis. Remains to be seen how the photographs of the bodies of the teenagers were from the media. But now we are perplexed by the fact that some careless journalists, including Pskov, began to actively disseminate this information, including in social networks,” said Dobrokhotov.

Previously, the Agency managed to find out that the photos with the bodies of the teenagers began to spread on one of the popular imagebords web forums with anonymous embed images and messages. Later retouched images in the form of (blur the field of wounds) published by some media.

Schlossberg was asked to check the actions of the police, Regardie and prosecutors during the tragedy in Strugi Krasnie 25.11.2016

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