The German scientist Roland Paul from the Institute of history of the Palatinate in Kaiserslautern studied the ancestry of the Republican candidate for President of the United States Donald trump came to an unexpected conclusion: it turns out that American billionaire, who plays for a tough immigration policy, he is the grandson of an illegal migrant, who is also engaged in highly dubious business in Canada, writes Focus.

Frederick trump was born in 1869 in a simple family of grape pickers in the German town of Kallstadt, which was then part of the Kingdom of Bavaria. Frederick was one of six children and wanted to leave for a better life in the United States, the researcher said. In this case, as many residents of Kallstadt, the alleged grandfather of Donald trump “could not obtain from the authorities permission to emigrate because of military age – at first he followed for two years to go for military service,” reads the article, which quoted InoPressa.

“But such desires he apparently was not, and he went to America without permission,” said Paul. In the “land of unlimited possibilities” trump – already under the name Frederick trump opened a tavern in the town of gold miners in Washington state. Later, despite the fact that his business prospered, he moved to Canada, where he settled in a similar town, opening a similar institution in which was a feature of the hotel.

The scientist indicates that in the archives there is a newspaper article of the time, which clearly says that the institution opened by the grandfather of the future presidential candidate of the United States “was a brothel.” In the end associated with sexual services business trump made a profit and made him a rich man.

Later Frederick trump was back in Kallstadt, but local authorities denied him the return of Bavarian citizenship because of past violations, and in 1905 he was deported back to America. During a trip to Germany, “the brothel owner” trump has found his future wife, took her to new York and gradually left the “massage parlor” business, according to the material of the German edition.

Himself, Donald trump has long denied his German origins, claiming that his ancestors are probably from Sweden. Must be his grandmother, who died only 40 years ago, was fluent in German, said Roland Paul.

November 8 United States elections of a new President who will replace Barack Obama, who has worked in the White house for eight years. According to the Reuters poll, 45% of Americans support Clinton, 42% – Republican candidate Donald trump. According to the forecasts by Reuters, defeat trump in any two of three key States – Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania will almost certainly lead to the election victory of Clinton. According to the study, the representative of the democratic party is likely to receive in the electoral College 303 to vote, and the Republican – 235, while to win you need 270 votes.

Billionaire Donald trump became the official candidate of the Republican party July 19, 2016, having won a victory over senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, Ohio Governor John Kastom and 13 candidates. In case of a victory on elections, 70-year-old trump will be the oldest U.S. President at the time of election. Vice President at the trump in case of victory in the election will be the Governor of Indiana Mike Pence.

Scientist found in the pedigree of Donald trump German grandfather, who owned a brothel 09.11.2016

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