Scientists concerned about the disappearance of beach areas in Crimea caused by uncontrolled extraction of marine sand. Only over the past summer lost almost 5 kilometers long beach line in the area of Belbek airport. This at a press conference in Simferopol on the eve of Deputy Director Marine hydrophysical Institute Anton GERG-Copulas.

“The causal relationship between sand mining and the events that happen with the destruction of the coastline – it is, and moreover, she is direct, she is not an indirect”, – said the scientist, quoted by RIA “Novosti”. “And here we see that it all takes rampant”, he added.

According to the Deputy Director, over the summer lost about 5 miles of the beach between the villages of Orlovka and in Lyubimovka Sevastopol. “Now the sea is beating directly on the clay banks of the beach there. Three years ago this beach was up to a width of 12-14 meters”, – told the GERG-Copulas. Scientist noted that even when marine sand is extracted from the water at a considerable distance from the coast, and this affects the coastline. “Taking this resource from the bottom of the Black sea, the sea is forced to pick up this resource from the beaches,” he said.

At the press conference, experts noted that a similar trend is observed with beaches all over the Crimea, but the state of the coastline in the South-East is not as bad as in the South-West, near the Cape Fiolent.

Deputy Director for scientific work of the Institute of marine biological studies named after A. O. Kovalevsky RAS Natalia Milchakova said that the problem with the disappearance of the beach areas is particularly acute in Yevpatoriya and in the area of the Karkinit Bay. “It is almost depressing area of the Crimea,” said Milchakova. She expressed the idea that the extraction of sand in Karkinitsky Bay could be one of the causes of death and erosion of the bakalskaya spit.

According to the expert, in the 50-60-ies of the width of the beach areas in Evpatoria was approximately 70-100 meters, but now it was reduced several times, informs RIA “news of Crimea”. Natalia Milchakova reminded that in order to prevent sand production in Yalta, it took a special resolution of the USSR Council of Ministers on the prohibition of this activity in the late 70-ies. It allowed the company to save a famous resort from the death of the beaches.

According to scientists, if the government did not take any action to protect beaches, the region may lose a large number of tourists that will affect the economy of the Peninsula, according to the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Natalia Milchakova invited to finally approve the further development of the Peninsula: focus on recreation potential, while maintaining the beaches, or on industrial development, reports IA “Criminals”. “We need to make a choice: either Crimea’s recreation and tourism, or the Crimea is the disappearance of beaches and shores, without which the tourist will not go there. Crimean authorities should calculate the economic benefit and decide it is necessary to protect the coast of the Peninsula or to prevent their destruction,” she said.

Scientists urged to search for alternatives in production of sand. Anton GERG-Copulas proposed to adopt the Turkish and Bulgarian experience in the protection of coastlines. “Now we need to do everything to stop the development of this situation, because, in our view, measures should have been taken yesterday”, – concluded the scientist.

Note that the situation with the destruction of beaches in the Crimea was actively discussed for several years. So, in the fall of 2013, when the Crimea was not part of the Russian Federation, the court has banned the company “Cuesta” to extract sand in the area near the Cape Fiolent. The decision was preceded by long struggle of environmentalists for such a ban.

At the same time, the authorities in this matter, as follows from the official statements, full of optimism. In early September, the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of the Republic of Crimea voiced their position on alleged threats to the beaches of the West coast of the Peninsula – it was reported that direct communication with the erosion of beaches is not currently installed.

In June the head of the Yalta administration Andrey Filonov, who was quoted by the news Agency “Kryminform”, stated that sand mining on the West coast of Crimea has no negative impact on beaches. He explained that the erosion of sand occurs only on a half dozen of the 102 beaches of the region. As assured Filonov, statements of various environmental NGOs that uncontrolled extraction of sand threatens the beaches, not true.

Scientists are sounding the alarm: mining of sand destroys the Crimean beaches 30.09.2016

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