The famous Amur tigress Anna Savelievna, living on the territory of the Sikhote-Alin nature reserve in Primorye, again became a mother. This joyful news came on October 12 on the reserve page in Facebook.

There posted an entry with the videosource, depicting a tigress with its cub. According to these personnel, another offspring of Anna Savelyevna three or four months and he confidently follows the mother, the report says.

The tiger was named in 2014 in honor of Anna Savelyevna Aleksahina – resident of the village of Mamontovka of Moscow region, who gave birth to and raised 12 children and the first in the USSR to be awarded the honorary title “Mother-heroine” in 1944.

The tigress is long-lived in the reserve, she’s at least 13 years old. She’s an experienced mother of many children previously given birth to and raised eight cubs from three litters in 2010, 2012 and 2014, which are already living an independent life.

From each litter one of her daughters had to live in the reserve, next to the mother. The eldest of them – Victoria – occupies the upper reaches of the Wetland, the average lives in the upper reaches of Serebrianka, and the youngest took the coastal reserve land, including the tract of fertile.

Constant monitoring with the help of photos and videolivesex being tigress Anna Savelievna since 2006. And at the end of 2015, her legal guardian was the famous American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., received the appropriate certificate in the framework of his visit to Moscow.

Seaside tiger, named in honor of the mother-heroine was brought back to the litter (VIDEO) 12.10.2016

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