Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who two weeks ago became the object of inspection in connection with the government riding on the plane with his young wife during a solar Eclipse, again caught in unethical behavior. As it turned out, after the wedding with actress Louise Linton, he completed the request the use of military aircraft during the honeymoon spent in Scotland, France and Italy.

Official sources ABC Newsfamiliar with the investigation of the General Inspectorate of the Federal Treasury, believe that the appetite Mnuchin “pulls” for 25 thousand dollars. The Minister has issued a written request for the flights, but ultimately refused the services of the air force during the honeymoon.

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, a member of the Finance Committee, said in comments for this reason that the claims Mnuchin on the use of military aircraft during honeymoon not sootvetstvuyuschemu sense. “Don’t need a giant book of rules to tell myself – this is contrary to common sense, it’s wrong. And slap yourself on the forehead”, said about the incident Senator.

At the same time, the press service of the Ministry of Finance said that Mnuchin has requested to use government aircraft because of concerns about the availability of safe communication channel. “The Minister is a member of the national security Council and is responsible for the Office for terrorism and financial intelligence. It is extremely important that he had access to zawiesinowy, and our policy is to consider the broad range of skills to provide such a channel during the trips, including the use of military aircraft”, – insist in the office.

The press service added that Mnuchin eventually considered the use of force “excessive”, as it became apparent that there are other ways to provide the desired communication channel.

As the newspaper notes, in addition to the President and Vice-preident of the USA flights on military aircraft, usually reserved for members of the Cabinet who are directly involved in national security issues. A former senior Finance Ministry official, who has worked with a number of previous Ministers, assured journalists that military aviation is used only in extreme situations, for example, if the head of Department should immediately return to Washington for a meeting with the President.

Another former employee of the Department who worked closely with the predecessor Mnuchin Jack Lew, said that his boss is “very rarely” used military aircraft, and if you did this, only during official trips abroad. As for private travel, the flights on government aircraft were excluded.

Noah Bukbinder, the head of public organization “Citizens for responsibility and ethics in Washington” has criticized Stephen Mnuchin unethical act. “People can do whatever they want in their spare time, on holiday or at home, but it would be strange to expect that taxpayers will pay their Hollywood lifestyle” – he was indignant. Previously his organization has addressed in court with the requirement to recover from Mnuchin in favor of the Treasury of stimuliruet during the Eclipse.

Previously Stephen Mnuchin suspected that he was watching a solar Eclipse on August 21 aboard a government plane in the company of his wife. Louise Linton, his photo on the ramp has published in social networks, with hashtags numerous fashion brands that formed her outfit.

“I am glad that we were able to pay for your little trip,” wrote in the comments to the photo a sarcastic taxpayer, causing displeasure Linton and sharp answer about the travel.
“Charming! You think the US government paid for our honeymoon or a personal journey? Hahaha! You have given to the economy more than me or my husband? As a taxpayer either in the service of our country? I’m pretty sure we paid more taxes for our “journey” than you. And a pretty impressive amount we give per year, much more than you are willing to sacrifice, if you had the opportunity,” wrote the wife of the head of the Ministry of Finance.

Reply Louise Linton drew the attention of national media and provoked a real scandal. He broke out a few days later after Mnuchin sent a letter to his classmates at Yale University, which explains why not going to resign from his post. Graduates of Yale had earlier urged the Finance Minister to resign for racist comments that President Donald trump made after the homicides in Charlottesville.

Steven Mnuchin plays a key role in the efforts of the White house on revising the Tax code and raising the debt ceiling. Observers believe that recent developments could hamper its work in this area.

Mnuchin and Linton got married three months ago, the ceremony was attended by the President of the United States Donald trump and his wife. The head of the U.S. Treasury in the past – a Hollywood producer and investment banker. His wife is a Scottish actress. Recently the couple returned from their honeymoon.

After criticism from the public Linton made his private Instagram account and apologized for “inappropriate and insensitive” comments.

We will add, last year Linton caused a scandal by publishing a book about the Second Congolese war. So, the President of Zambia has accused the actress that she created a false idea of the “country of savages” and presented themselves “white Savior” in the country, which in fact was not involved in armed conflict. After that, Linton withdrew the book from sale and donated all the profits to charity.

Secretary of the Treasury was accused of trying to fly to a honeymoon trip on a military plane 14.09.2017

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