In 2017-2018, the government promised tax holidays can only get Tutors, maids, nannies and nurses, the newspaper “Vedomosti”. According to the publication, these amendments of the Ministry of Finance to the Tax code on Monday supported the Commission on legislative activities.

We need something to start, to try, as the mechanism will work, said on Tuesday in the state Duma the Minister of labour Maxim Topilin: “Colleagues believe that these are the most common types of self-employment, which would be to try to experiment”.

However, the orders of the President such restrictions were not, says the newspaper’s source. Need to finalize the bill in the state Duma, said the representative of the Ministry of economic development, extending the new regime to a wide range of activities.

The bill proposes too narrow a list of activities, complains the business Ombudsman Boris Titov. Of the 46 types of activities it applies only to three and does not take into account craftsmen, those who provide domestic services, such as repairing shoes.

It’s a very narrow circle, confirms the Vice-President of the Institute of system researches of problems of business Vladimir Buev. Less than 5% of all self-employed, says Olesya Sapa from “Support of Russia”, the most common types of activities among self-employed – work as a fitness trainer and hairdresser.

On the one hand, the government wants to bring as many people out of the shadows, and with another – itself and restricts them such an opportunity, she complains. This edition is a departure from solving the problem, according to Titov, it is a profanation of the orders of the President.

To hold an Amnesty of private entrepreneurs, the government proposed in the anti-crisis plan 2016. Officials offered to introduce tax holidays for three years, and at the same time to exempt from insurance contributions.

Postparturient Vladimir Putin has restricted the term vacation and requested to exempt self-employed from tax and contributions only for two years.

Officials reported that a working group, whose mission “is to identify the different conceptual approaches to the stimulation of legal labour relations, but on concrete proposals while to speak early”.

To take advantage of the Amnesty, it is enough to register in the tax administration’s register and in the first two years do not pay personal income tax and insurance charges to the bill. However, entrepreneurs who have benefited from the 0% rate on contributions, two years will be formed pension rights, to the bill.

Self-employed Russians promised tax breaks was “not for everyone” 09.11.2016

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