Senator from Crimea lawyer Olga Cowicide, known on the Peninsula as
the author of the hymn “Crimean spring” “Crimea has returned home”, prepared for
The state Duma a bill on the establishment Day the loyalty oath,
which, according to the author, should ensure the unity of all the peoples
Russia with a new unified ideology. The idea is
criticized as contrary to the 13th article of the Constitution, according to
which no ideology can be public or

“In order to ensure the unity of the Russian people, the formation of
the modern ideology of the country we can begin to talk about the need
a common ideology in Russia… this bill has already been filed
me to the State Duma”, – said Cowicide at the meeting
the Crimean government (the citation on RIA
The “news”

Cowicide said that Russia need an ideology that would
the purpose of spiritual revival and memory of historical events,
played an important role in the formation of morality, concepts of honor and duty to the Fatherland, and was also the embodiment of unity of will

Eydman: “Sadomasochism in Russia becomes a new state

Oreshkin: “Putin’s ideology has finally reached a dead end”

The need for law Day loyalty oath Cowicide explained
“threats against Russia”

In the basis of a bill not yet registered. In an interview with “the”
the Senator explained that the document has not been filed, and said his name:
it is not about Russian ideology, and the institution of the feast of the Day of fidelity
the oath.

“I prepared and will be submitted [to the Duma] the bill relating to
companies in Russia of the Day loyalty oath. It is due to the fact that
this period of time characterized by threats against
Russia, is of particular urgency the historical events that
our close and distant neighbors persistently rewritten”, –
said Cowicide.

In history there are many examples when
“the citizen who took the oath to the last drop of blood was true to her and
was ready to die for faith and Fatherland,” said the Senator.

“[The draft law] I had taken of the event
1991-1992 when our red banner black sea fleet
The black sea fleet under the flag of St. Andrew… refused 5 Jan
to take the oath to another state – Ukraine.” In the end, the Navy
preserved as a springboard, which became the basis for the return of the Crimea and
Sevastopol a part of Russia, she said.

The establishment of the Day, loyalty oath, according to Cowicide, you need to
achieve unity of all citizens of Russia and the formation of modern
the ideology of the country that will meet the objectives of spiritual revival
state, preservation of memory about the events that have shaped the concept of
morality and duty.

“The festival directly relates to the military,
the black sea sailors, I would like to hear their point of view with them
to discuss what date is the most appropriate for this holiday. Their word
there’s got to be the first,” she added in explanation for Life.

From the same explanation it follows that unconstitutional your law she said: “the reference in the text of ideology, it is quite
valid in the context in which I said it”. “Someone just heard wrong” she said “Gazetesi”.

Speaking about ideology, the Senator noted that preparing such
the initiative long ago, but now it has become particularly relevant and fits in
outline of the proposals of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to develop
the law of the Russian nation, what he said
at the October meeting of Council for interethnic relations: “What
definitely can and should be implemented directly on this need
to think in practical terms, start to work, – the law on
the Russian nation.”

A single ideology is prohibited by the Constitution of the Russian Federation

of the Constitution in the Russian Federation
“ideological diversity”, and the constitutional principle
which no ideology may be established as
state or mandatory, establishes equality of ideologies in

Historian and political scientist Vardan Baghdasaryan, commenting on the constitutional
the ban on state ideology, noted that “in any law
or regulation to clarify the concept of “ideology” does not contain”
“therefore, what is prohibited by article 13 can be interpreted
arbitrarily”. “In academic discourse, there are several dozen
definitions definitions of ideology. More often, ideology refers to
the system of socially significant ideas and values. It turns out that
The Constitution establishes a prohibition on values and ideas taken on
the state level”, – he said in an article published in December
2013 on the website of the Center for political thought and ideology Stepan sulakshina.

After analyzing the state ideologies of the world from Angola and Brazil to
China and the DPRK, the analyst concluded that “each of the civilizations
acts in the world with its own ideological project.” “This
an ideological project is reflected in the constitutions of their respective
States. There is today only one civilization forming
the state, for which the nomination of its own ideological
the project is prohibited. This state – Russia,” wrote
the analyst.

The arguments in favor of the return of ideology can be heard at the meeting, so
called Zinoviev club MIA “Russia today” (he is not named in
honor of the Soviet revolutionary Grigory Zinoviev, were shot in
1936, and in honor of the writer, scientist and philosopher-emigrant third
wave Alexander Zinoviev). “The main deception of an existing exclusion
state and public institutions from ideology is
that in reality there is no society without ideology; the place of
explicit and sovereign always comes alien and hidden ideology that
not serve its interests,” – said the expert in the field of branding and
visual communications Pavel Rodkin (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).

Art Rodkin believes that Russia, which passed a different stage
denial, substitution and imitation of the ideology is in the process
“attaining ideology”. “The rejection of ideology to a certain extent was
reaction to sviridovskiy Soviet society,” he says.

In the opinion of the specialist brands, “place one ideology is
the other is that in terms of the resulting ideological vacuum has led to
capitulation to Western ideology controlled by the West and
supports the interests of Western society.” “In this essence
historical substitution, which continues to determine the development
Russian companies”, – said Rodkin.

Cowicide – the author of the hymn “Crimean spring”

Olga Cowicide was born on 7 may 1962 in Simferopol. In the 17 years beginning
to work as a typist at the Simferopol state University
them. M. V. Frunze, studied at the evening Department of historic
the faculty of the same University, then transferred from the third course by correspondence
form of training of the law faculty of Odessa state
University named after I. I. Mechnikov, from which he graduated in 1986
qualification “lawyer”.

In 1987, after passing the qualifying examination, was
enrolled in the personnel of the Crimean regional bar Association.
Later he defended his thesis on the problems of criminal law, Ph. D.
of legal Sciences. Wrote the textbook “Exemption from criminal
responsibility”, scientific-practical recommendations “Investigation
murders. Prime investigative and operational search actions”.

The Sevastopol news portal ForPost , you can see that
Cowicide founded the first in the Crimea scientific-practical legal
the magazine “Themis’s Scales,” was its chief editor. She is also
co-author of “Crimea – the story of the return” and songwriter of “On
Simferopol and Crimea has returned home”. The last song starts
with the words “Crimea is Russian forever is in the heart of the centuries / Under the cover
Holy mother of God praise”.

This song deputies of the state Duma in March 2015, listened to
standing. It is considered the anthem of the “Crimean spring” and, by the conviction of its author,
“with love for Russia and the triumph of the people of Crimea from returning
home to Russia”.

During the events of February 2014 Cowicide defended the rights of
Republic of Crimea, in the government of Sergei Aksenov was in charge of the power
block and on its behalf, negotiated with the military units with the aim
a referendum on 16 March 2014, which resulted in the Crimea
joined Russia.

From 28 February 2014 was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Board
of Ministers of Crimea, 15 APR 2014 became a member of the Federation Council
The Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, 28 may 2014 – member of the Federation Council Committee on defense
and security 8 Jul 2014 – member of the Committee on public
the support of the people of the South-East of Ukraine in SF. Bloggers reminiscent of
another episode of career Cowicide, which, on 26 February 2014
spoke on behalf of parliamentarians “for the unity of autonomy within the
Of Ukraine, that Crimea was a world that nobody could enter
troops” (3:45 video).

Early career Cowicide was
the then Prosecutor of the Crimea, and nowadays the Deputy
Of the state Duma Natalia Polonskaya on external appeal, or
“strings”, as expressed in the blogosphere give preference to

Senator from Crimea came up with the bill to provide “a single ideology” in Russia 08.11.2016

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