Senator, the head of temporary Commission of the Federation Council on preparation for
the FIFA world Cup 2018 Vadim Tulpanov on radio “Fontanka Office”
offered to attract volunteers to the laundering of the stadium “Zenit arena” from
mold and dirt and advised students and cadets to enroll in
work at the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Igor Albin.

Tulips noted the progress in construction due to Albino that
to work on the construction site up until it is completed.
“The daily presence of his almost hour skazyvaetsya and
the contractor and workers,” praised the idea of Tulips.

Commenting on posts
about harmful dust and mold that had accumulated under the stands,
Tulips suggested to refer to the experience of Kazan: “I will give an example
stadium in Kazan. There after the completion of a whole month
every day thousands of volunteers – imagine – washed it with shampoo
from dust and mold. In Kazan smaller stadium for 45 thousand stadium here
62 thousands, it is more, too, will have at least a month to wash”.

Those wishing to volunteer and to
shampoo Tulips sent to Igor Albino. “We need him to do
moreover, it is the social networks available,” said the Senator added: “I
I think that without volunteers there will not cost the same as at the stadium in

“The students I speak to the students of military schools – continued
Senator to develop his idea. – After completion of construction to
they came and helped the stadium to wash off mildew and dirt.”

Explaining why the construction of the stadium cost is so expensive, Senator
noted that there were several of force majeure. The first price increase happened
after the death of the Japanese architect who designed the stadium. “He
six months later, he died and left detailed drawings and had
other people to do these drawings, that just sucked time and expensive
the stadium”.

The Senator has been ranked among the causes of the global financial crisis and the devaluation of the ruble.
“It would perhaps be most expensive in the world, but Peter is one of the most
beautiful cities in the world, and the stadium should be good,” said
Senator. Of corruption, he refused to speak, leaving this question on
the discretion of the chamber.

“In the past, remember how cool was that?!” the General contractor offered
connect “students and anyone”

In August on attraction of students to the completion of the most expensive stadium
talked to the General Director of “Metrostroy” Vadim Alexandrov. After
the closing of the heat contour “Krestovsky” in October of this year
there will be only finishing and installation work, he promised.

“Here we can turn even to you. Before, remember
was that fun? We always start connected to the entire city. And cadets, and
anyone,” – said Alexandrov (quoted on the website Cempionatam).

Recall that the “Metrostroy” was selected
in August a new General contractor of construction of the stadium, having
a contract worth almost eight billion roubles. The Federal
the authorities acknowledged that the new contractor may be required
additional investments and Smolny approved
plan the transfer of 2.6 billion rubles from the construction of hospitals and schools
the completion of “Zenit-Arena”. At the end of the month, the FSB held
at the main office of the company “Metrostroy”.

The environmental Committee of St. Petersburg terminates the contract for
the certification of “Zenit-Arena”

Protracted problems don’t end there. Press Secretary Igor Albin Elena
Mikhina has informed Agency “R-Sport”,
the Committee for nature use, environmental protection and
ecological safety of St. Petersburg terminates
contract services for the conformity assessment of the stadium system
voluntary certification of “Football stadiums”.

According to the FIFA requirements stadiums for the world Cup should be
certified for environmental safety. The Committee on
nature terminates the contract because the certification has
conducted on site, commissioned, and extend the contract
it is impossible in connection with the current legislation on state
procurement. “The Committee has applied for inclusion in the budget in 2017
funds for certification of the stadium,” the letter reads

“I can add that external engineering systems on object ready,
internal system at work. After object input in operation in
December 2016, January 2017, in parallel with reduction
stadium readiness will be possible to work on
certification. It doesn’t take much time, especially funds
the budget will be provided,” added Mikhina.

Stadium on Krestovsky island started to build for the football club
“Zenith” in 2007 on the site of Kirov stadium. The stadium will be
designed for 68 thousand spectators, the object total area will make about
280 thousand sq. m. Estimated cost of construction on
Krestovsky island stadium, area access control and the alluvial
areas – amounts to 42 billion roubles.

Senator Tulips urged students and students to come and wash “Zenit-Arena” from mold and dirt 21.10.2016

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