The General Prosecutor of Russia has directed to Moscow regional court criminal case of the”gang GTA” about a series of brutal murders of drivers on the roads in Moscow, Moscow region and Kaluga region in 2012-2014. It is reported by the websiteof the Ministry.

In the dock are nine newcomers from Central Asia. Depending on the role and degree of participation, they are accused of gangsterism, murders, robbery, illegal manufacture and possession of weapons. During the existence of the gang, its members have committed on the territory of Moscow city and the Moscow and Kaluga regions 15 attacks, which killed 17 people and injured two. In other cases, the criminals, at gunpoint, beaten and robbed the victims.

Also continuing an investigation against four members of the gang, who left Russia in this regard was announced in the international search. Two of them have already been arrested and detained in the Republic of Tajikistan. There will be directed criminal case materials to court. One partner is in Federal search, according to a statement on the website of the Investigative Committee.

According to investigators, in March 2012 , Ubaydullo of Subhanu (had a fake passport in the name of Rustam Usmanov) was created on the territory of Moscow region stable armed group in order attacks on the citizens”. The gang included at least 15 natives of Central Asia.

Members of the group are mainly targeted owners of vehicles waiting for them in ambush near the road. They laid out the track spikes, which they are all the time improving.

After the car with a broken tire stopped, the attackers shot the driver and passengers, and then searched the vehicle and stole personal belongings of the victims. Prey of criminals became electronic devices and jewelry and even the clothes of the dead.

In November 2016 was established the whereabouts of the head of the gang Subanova, who in the course of the operation, was killed. Nine of his accomplices were arrested.

The gang actually was the summer residence of the former head of the management Department of the Prosecutor General of Russia Alexei Staroverova, who was in the Forbes list as one of the richest Russian security forces. Itself the old believers was held in a criminal case as a witness.

According to a high-ranking employee of the Prosecutor General, he just gave a cottage to rent some entrepreneur, and that, in turn, hired as staff leader of a gang of killers of Rustam Usmanov.

The leader was in the country of the employee of the Prosecutor General until its liquidation during the arrest. Officially, the house has an area of 273 sq. m and land plot of 1100 sq m in the village of Specific, where the special operation was carried out, written on, minor son of Alexei Staroverova. There, as previously reported, was found an Arsenal of a gang consisting of dozens of automatic weapons.

When it was reported that the case against Staroverova closed, the official took a sick day and filed the application on dismissal at own will. However, he went with hypertension in the cardiology Department of the Metropolitan hospital, the head of which “by coincidence” was Konstantin Lyadov, are also appearing in the case of the “gang GTA”. In the country the head of the medical-rehabilitation center of the Ministry of health Lyadova in Pozdnyakovo village of Krasnogorsk district of Moscow region lived armourer of the gang, kills the drivers. According to media reports, Lyadov takes place in the case of the gang as a witness.

In the UK refuted information of some mass media about the fact that the members of this gang were allegedly guided by national, religious or any other disinterested motives. According to the UK, the main motive of the murder was taking money of victims.

Sent to court business of the “gang GTA”, which killed the drivers on the roads near Moscow and took refuge in the country Prosecutor’s son 24.06.2016

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