South Korea has the technology to create so-called graphite bombs, which will paralyze the power grid of the DPRK.

Agency for defense development of the Republic has already received all necessary technology and is now in the preparation stage of its creation. Seoul is considering the use of such non-lethal bombs as a possible means of pre-emptive strike against North Korea.

Graphite bomb – is the code name for ammunition to defeat enemy manpower, and high – voltage equipment, power lines, power plants, substations, etc. Such a bomb is a cylindrical container the size of 200х70 mm, containing coils wound on them, thin strands of carbon composite material, a conductive current. The bomb is provided with expelling charge and a parachute.

When you break the graphite bomb these threads are scattered and falling on power lines, causing a short circuit, disabling the power supply. These threads are so thin that you can literally float in the air.

Such weapons were first used during the Gulf war (1990-1991), and was also used by NATO forces during combat operations in Yugoslavia in 1999. The first use of graphite bombs (submunition BLU-114/B) American planes knocked out for a few hours two thirds of the power system of Serbia.

American cluster bomb CBU-94 Blackout Bomb equipped with such submunitions 202 BLU-114/B and is designed specifically for attacks on energy network of the opponent.

Among the delivery vehicles of the graphite bombs can be and cruise missiles.

Seoul has threatened to use against the DPRK graphite bomb, which will completely disconnect the country 09.10.2017

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