Chief economist of the European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD),
the former rector of the Russian economic school (NES) Sergei Guriev announced
the intention at the beginning of November to visit Russia and take part in some
events, reports RIA
The “news”
. This will be his first visit to the country for 3.5 years from the time “things
, in which security forces checked
economists who believed that Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev
was convicted in the second case of Yukos illegally.

“I will speak at the conference “Vedomosti”, the Russian
economic school and Moscow School of management SKOLKOVO. Also scheduled to speak
the conference of Eurasian development Bank”, – said Guriev.

“A good sign” – said on his page on Facebook
chief editor of “Vedomosti” Tatyana Lysova. “Vedomosti”
write that on 11 November Guriev will moderate a conference on
Eurasian economic integration of the Eurasian development Bank
(EDB), and on the same day, will speak at the conference “Vedomosti”
“Effective tools for growth” report of Transition Report, which
before that it read 8 Nov at the reporting meeting of the EBRD. This
the report will be performed in Russia for the first time.

In Russia, Guriev will stay for two days. To the newspaper “Kommersant”,
it be considered no longer relevant to those reasons in due time
he had to leave the country, he replied: “No comment.”

Sergei Guriev in 2013 emigrated
France once was questioned along with a group of other professionals
took part in public examination “the second business of” Yukos.

The staff of the EBRD in Russia are protected by diplomatic immunity

Sergei Guriev was
the first Russian to hold the post of chief economist of the EBRD.

“You have to understand that Guriev arrives in Russia in an entirely different
status as a senior international
organization. To be afraid of in a country he has nothing, and all things that were
it three-and-a-half years ago, is irrelevant,” explained
the representative of the EBRD to “Vedomosti”.

The staff of the EBRD in Russia are protected by diplomatic immunity,
confirmed partner of King & Spalding Ilya Rachkov. Between the EBRD and Russia
signed the international Treaty on privileges and immunities, which
protects itself and the EBRD as an institution and all of its employees.

Recall that the “business of experts” was discontinued
in may of 2015. The investigation has not found crime structure in actions
scientists who participated in the examination of the “second Yukos case”, and
also advocated for the liberalization of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation.

Sergei Guriev is the doctor economic and the candidate of physical and mathematical
Sciences, Professor. He directed the Center for economic and financial
research and development was economic adviser to the government,
he joined the Board of Directors of Sberbank, Rosselkhozbank and the Agency
for housing mortgage lending.

2013 Guriev lived in France until the summer of 2016 he was
a Professor at the Paris Institute of political studies Sciences

The EBRD was created by Western governments in 1991 to help
post-socialist countries make the transition to capitalism. Charter
EBRD provides work only in those countries that are “committed to
the principles of democracy.” As an international organisation, the EBRD uses
a number of privileges such as legal immunity
employees. The headquarters of the EBRD in London.

The EBRD invests mainly in private enterprises, as
the usually together with commercial partners, however, works
and with state companies to support processes
privatization and restructuring them as well
improvement of municipal services.

Sergei Guriev for the first time after the “business experts” will visit Russia in the status of the diplomatic immunity of the representative of the EBRD 02.11.2016

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