The former head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov, currently holds the post of special presidential envoy for environmental issues, commented on the transfer of a memorial plaque to Mannerheim from the center of Saint-Petersburg to Tsarskoye Selo. In an interview to”Komsomolskaya Pravda” Ivanov participated in the opening of the Board, lamented historical illiteracy of the population of Russia.

“We have the people, unfortunately, history is often either does not know either, even when she finds out some facts, does not want to accept them to focus,” said the official. At the same time, according to Ivanov, against the establishment of the memorial sign protesting “a very narrow, marginal part of the population, representing the unregistered party “the Other Russia”.

However, Ivanov admitted that before the installation of the monument it was necessary to explain to the residents of the city, who’s Carl Mannerheim. “I agree, I think it was necessary to explain to people the basic things associated with the knowledge of history,” he said.

“The main falsification that (even some of the media it allowed) that the Board has established the Finnish Marshal Mannerheim. Complete lie! This monument to the Russian Lieutenant General Mannerheim. It cannot be denied that Mannerheim did a lot for the Russian Empire. He is knight of St. George. And all the knights of St. George we are immortalized on plaques in the St. George hall of the Kremlin”, – said the representative of the President.

Ivanov called “fake” reports on the establishment of the Ministry of state security

However, Ivanov I agree that the “Mannerheim – controversial figure”. “But this is an example of how people’s lives, and not just a simple, have been radically altered, warped October 1917 year,” he explained.

On the assumption that the installation of such a monument “only reinforces the split in society,” Ivanov said, “We need the people still knew their history. In France in the Bastille Bosko cut, but the French recognize the story as it is. We do not say that a citizen of Finland Mannerheim (and he has become after 18 years) has brought many benefits to the Soviet Union. No, of course. But we say he brought a lot of the benefits, including doing the responsible reconnaissance tasks along the line of the Main intelligence Directorate of the General staff of the Russian Empire, which in the end, it was the Soviet army pensioner”.

We will remind, on October 14 in St. Petersburg dismantled the controversial memorial plaque and moved it to the Museum-reserve “Tsarskoe Selo”. Plaque on the facade of the building of the Military Academy of logistics on Zakharyevskaya street stayed there for four months. During this time it repeatedly doused with paint and even tried to chop up with an axe.

Carl Mannerheim: historical background

Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim is considered a national hero in Finland, but 30 years of his life connected with Russia. In 1887 he went to serve in the Russian army, where he served until 1917. He served at the Imperial court in St. Petersburg, participated in the Russo-Japanese war, commanded the Russian army in the First world. After the October revolution and the coming to power of the Bolsheviks Mannerheim left Finland.

November 30, 1939, the day of the beginning Soviet-Finnish war (1939-1940 years), Mannerheim was appointed Supreme commander of the army of Finland. Under his leadership, the Finnish troops were able to withstand the first blow of the red army and successfully conduct combat operations against the enemy with numerical superiority.

9 March 1940 Mannerheim recommended that the government of Finland to look for any ways to the world because the reserves were exhausted, and the exhausted army was unable long to hold the front against a much stronger opponent. 13 March in Moscow signed a peace agreement on the terms of Union, to which Finland gave the Soviet Union 12% of its territory.

Sergei Ivanov, commenting on the dismantling of the Board Mannerheim in St. Petersburg, said: people do not know history or do not want to admit the facts 18.10.2016

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