Vladimir Putin has appointed the head of Rosatom Sergey Kiriyenko, the first Deputy head of presidential Administration of the Russian Federation.

“Putin appointed Kiriyenko to the post of first Deputy head of presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, relieving him from his post, – stated in the decree, which published the press service of the Kremlin. – The decree comes into force from the day of its signing”.

Career of the son Kiriyenko went up the hill

Also Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on dismissal of Vyacheslav Volodin from the post of first Deputy head of the Kremlin administration in connection with his election to the state Duma of the seventh convocation. The press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov confirmed to TASS that the decree is already signed.

Recall that Volodin was elected in the recent elections to the state Duma on the list of “United Russia”. After summarizing the results of voting at the meeting with the leaders of the past in the state Duma of the 7th convocation of parties Putin has suggested deputies to support the candidacy Volodin to the post of speaker of the lower house of Parliament.

On the appointment of Kiriyenko, the PA became aware of the media about two weeks ago. The former Prime Minister called these data rumors. The Kremlin also did not confirm this information.

Kiriyenko was Minister of fuel and energy, in 1998 long was the acting head of government. He became the youngest Prime Minister in the history of the Russian Federation, taking the post in 35 years. At the time of his Premiership was the default. After the resignation of Kiriyenko became one of the leaders of “Union of right forces,” which went to the state Duma under the slogan “Putin – in presidents, Kirienko – in the Duma!”.

From 2000 to 2005, Kiriyenko was presidential envoy in the Volga Federal district, and then became the head of “Rosatom”, which, according to “Rain”, was beneficial to the Kovalchuk brothers, “friends of Putin”. The eldest, Mikhail Kovalchuk, head of the profile for the nuclear industry Kurchatov Institute, Junior manages the Bank “Russia”, so with the appointment of Kiriyenko as they solved two problems: first, got their man in the Kremlin, and secondly, he took the post of the head of “Rosatom”, explains the channel.

“Kinder surprise”

Kirienko Sergey Vladilenovich was born July 26, 1962 in Sukhumi, Abkhaz ASSR. I finished school in the city of Sochi. In 1984 graduated from the Gorky Institute of water transport engineers, specialty “engineer-shipbuilder”. 1984-1986 – served in the Soviet army.

Since 1986 he worked as a foreman at the Gorky shipyard “Red Sormovo”. He was Secretary of the factory Komsomol Committee, first Secretary of the Gorky regional Committee of Komsomol. At the end of 1980-ies became the General Director of the youth group AMK.

In March 1990 he was elected Deputy of the Gorky regional Council of people’s deputies.

1991 – 1993 – studied at the Academy of national economy under the government of the Russian Federation on specialization “Finance and banking”.

In 1991 he headed the JSC “Concern AMK”. 1993 – 1996 – Chairman of the Nizhny Novgorod social commercial Bank “Guarantee”. The Bank immediately had a good relationship with the local administration, led by Boris Nemtsov.

Since August 1994 – member of the Council on industrial policy and entrepreneurship under the President of the Russian Federation.

In November 1996, Sergei Kiriyenko, on the recommendation of the government of the Russian Federation and the Nizhny Novgorod region Governor elected President of oil company “NORSI-OIL”. And Bank “the Guarantee” the legacy of Kiriyenko has got the key position in the region.

13 may 1997: appointed first Deputy Minister of fuel and energy of the Russian Federation. Since September 2, 1997 – Deputy Chairman of the government Commission of the Russian Federation on coordination of activity of Federal bodies of Executive power and bodies of state power of subjects of the Russian Federation on realisation of agreements on production section.

In October 1997 appointed head of the Interagency Commission for access of independent organizations to the gas transportation system of “Gazprom”. Since October 1997 – member of the Collegium of state representatives in “Transneft”.

On 20 November 1997 by the decree of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin appointed fuel and energy Minister of the Russian Federation.

In March 1998 he was appointed first Deputy Prime Minister, at the same time, he was temporarily entrusted with the duties of the Chairman of the Russian government. April 24, 1998 by the decree of Yeltsin appointed Prime Minister and held this post until 23 August, when the crisis erupted in the financial market of Russia.

Since then, the name of Kiriyenko most Russians strongly associated with the August 1998 crisis, default and the characteristic nickname “kinder surprise”, which pointed to a surprise appearance on the first position in the government and ending the era of Chernomyrdin.

Sergei Kiriyenko went to work in the presidential Administration 05.10.2016

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