The share of sales discounts of certain products in Russia has reached 75%, analysts say this point of no return, the newspaper “Vedomosti”. Promotions with big discounts most attractive to buyers who have become interested in solely the price of goods, not a store brand.

So, according to research company Nielsen, for the first quarter of the current year the share of sales (in units) through the promotion of household chemistry, coffee, juices, chocolate, beer, dairy products etc. made up in the Russian retail almost half, namely 46%. This is 9 percentage points (PP) more than a year ago. While 8 of 10 promotions is a discount.

Most through promotions in Russia, sold non-food items, but in Prodovolstvenno segment share bromopride is also growing. Increased and the average discount: according to Nielsen, with 26% in 2014 to 29% in 2015.

If such dynamics will remain bromopride, in 3-4 years Russia will become the “promoted” market of Europe, shared with the newspaper fears the Director to work with global companies, “Nielsen Russia” Marina Lapenkova: “Increasing provorot, manufacturer and retailer risk the point of no return: when 70% of such sales, brand loyalty is eroded, the willingness of the buyer to buy the product without the discount tends to zero”.

“Brand loyalty depends on the purse. Now the buyer his personal budget in the first place, he is more interested in the goods with the low price, discount, says finansovoy Director of the network “Magnit”: Khachatur Pombukhchan. “Not the retailers decided to play in discounts, they require a market,” he said. Price promotions are most in demand, confirms the representative of X5 Retail Group. .

“Two years ago, the majority of public retailers were net profit margin, some have left in a minus, others, including us, sank, but hold on, says Pombuhchan. Network will be forced to raise prices”.

While marked improvements in the behavior of consumers no. In the middle of 2015 in people over the accumulation, and since then, their behavioral model does not change.

Shopping online has alarmed customers will love the discounts 06.06.2016

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