First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, responding on Tuesday, November 1, at a closed briefing in the holding “Rambler” in Moscow to journalists, confirmed that the Bombardier Global Express, which, according to the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny, he carries the world of dogs wife is really removed from the database of Flightradar24. About it, “” said the participants.

Initially that private aircraft tail number MVQBI, which is used by Shuvalov and his family have disappeared from Flightradar24 database, it was reported in August. Using this web service in real time to observe the position of the aircraft in the air.

According to “”, the manipulation of the base Shuvalov associated with a threat to its security. “We took it off the radar. Well, not I, removed the operator of the aircraft of the Swiss company, who believes that daily informing the public about where is my plane is including an indirect call to my plane to do something,” said Deputy Prime Minister.

“You want me next time where it took off and flew?” – indignantly asked Shuvalov journalists once again raised a delicate subject, which the Deputy head of the government studiously avoids. “I have no such desire, I think the Bulk too. But all the time saying, where is the plane, is including the issue of security,” he concluded.

Shuvalov suggested that the interest of the FBC to his person due to “high position” which he occupies. “This has no legal basis, it is rather an attempt to generate some hate, a negative emotion,” he said. “Am I the only one who flies the plane? No, of course. Just as openly as I only fly I do. Just if others start to dig, and if you climb to flight leaves, with whom these people fly, it will be bad”, – said Deputy Prime Minister.

According to Shuvalov, from a legal point of view, in the purchase of aircraft and payment of the flights had all the “exceptionally clean”. “I have sufficient knowledge and cunning in order to use the right and not disrupt,” he said.

In July, the opposition leader Alexei Navalny has published on its website the results of the investigation conducted by the FCO. It said that Shuvalov use expensive private plane Bombardier Global Express, which flies himself and sometimes took the dog to his wife on the show.

The authors of the investigation with the help of specialized forums for dog lovers and social networking found that in dogs wife Shuvalov has its own managers, who spread photos of her Pets breed Corgi, the speakers at the exhibitions in different countries. The overall cost flights of the aircraft Shuvalov for the year BCF estimated nearly 100 million rubles. Wife of Vice Prime Minister Olga Shuvalov, commenting on the plane, said that “cars, and airplanes, and steamers, and even ferry boats.” She resentfully noticed that on international dog shows protects “the honor of Russia”.

Shortly before the publication of information about the plane FBK told that managing money Shuvalov buying the skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya embankment in Moscow an entire floor of 10 apartments at a cost of approximately 600 million rubles. To do this, the Foundation wrote about the London apartment of Deputy Prime Minister with an area of about 500 square meters and cost about 700 million rubles, and he owns the car Rolls-Royce over 40 million rubles.

That theme is “for dogs” and other forms of wealth is extremely annoying Shuvalov, became known in August. Then the correspondent of the publication wanted at a briefing in Yekaterinburg to remind you about the scandals the Deputy Prime Minister, who arrived to the Ural capital to check preparedness of the city for the world Cup, but he didn’t let the assistant Shuvalov. He stated that the chief would answer questions “only about football”. In the end, Shuvalov met with only “trustworthy” members of the press.

Shuvalov confirmed that the plane on which his wife took the dogs, disappeared from Flightradar24 database 01.11.2016

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