Builder from Novosibirsk, hoping to capitalize on the “construction of the century” – the construction of the cosmodrome East in the Amur region, instead, enslaved to fish cartel operating far East.

After four months of slave life on the basis of the poacher, he managed to escape and after three days of wandering in the forest to get to the police station, after which he was immediately admitted to the hospital Komsomolsk-on-Amur – emaciated, with bruises and pneumonia, transmit “Vesti-Novosibirsk”.

Andrey Rudskoy told journalists who visited him in the hospital that the construction of the spaceport was not picked because the “old”, and then he saw a job posting for the 50 thousand per month.

“When I realized that poaching was on the base, it was already too late, – was told by the former prisoner. Four months smacked the fish for caviar and was a “cuckoo” – on the hill with binoculars looking out for the patrol boats.”

In addition, according to him, the owner of the base, “nalazhivatsya friendships”, forced him to build a garage and make repairs to the chief of the local police Department by the name of Sergei.

“When he refused to work and demanded payment – was severely beaten. After – escaped”, – summed up the Siberian left without money and documents. He came out of the forest near the village of Kherpuchi and told about the misadventures to the local police precinct Eugene, Komadina.

After the rehabilitation course As he intends to write a statement to the police, the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor’s office of Khabarovsk Krai. However, he fears for his life and for his family, the report said.

This is not the first such case in recent years, and not always these stories have a happy ending. Thus, near Astrakhan man, kidnapped and enslaved by a farmer, died during the escape.

Most of all “slave” of the stories associated with Dagestan. In one case, a native of the Murmansk region spent 18 years in forced labour in the Republic and made a few shoots, but every time it re-enslaved. In the end from captivity he pulled the activists of social movement “Alternative”, which deals with the emancipation of the slaves throughout Russia.

Siberian, came to build the Vostochny space centre, enslaved to fish cartel 25.10.2016

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