The Deputy of Trinity settlements in the Omsk region Andrey Yagodka (with the accent on the “o”. – Approx. Communist party has ten days on hunger strike in protest against increase of utility tariffs, according to the website ВК55.

About the protests of the rural Parliament only became known on 15 November at the district Council of deputies. During the hunger strike the Berry not visited neither doctors nor police officers, the report says.

Since January of this year in the settlements of the Omsk district region grew significantly fee-for-service heating, and in October at the meeting of the regional Council of deputies again made the question of its increase, for some settlements – 80%, and to hold it would retroactively from July.

“Even past the decision was made illegally due to the fact that there was no majority of votes of the deputies from their composition, – quotes the portal colleague protester, Deputy Morozov Oleg settlement Neuveau. – The inhabitants of the settlements written appeal to the district Council of deputies with a request to cancel it. But at the meetings these issues were not raised and not delivered”.

Township deputies appealed to the Prosecutor’s office, which issued a protest in connection with the identified violations, but it did not help as access to the courts. So Berry went to the extreme measure and went on hunger strike, said Nievesol.

“It looks like indifference to the problems of the population, he said. – If business and government do not have enough money, no morality, no ethics, they don’t care will Rob people.”

On the website ВК55 in news comments, one user wrote: “have you Seen this fat from the Communist party, let them starve, the extra weight will drop you!” On the website a href=””>“red road” – the newspaper of the Omsk regional branch of the party – referred to the Deputy Berry Andrey. However, to find the photo policy has failed.

Siberian Deputy Berry the tenth day of the hunger strike due to the increase in utility tariffs 18.11.2016

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