Health workers Kargatskiy rayon Central hospital in the Novosibirsk region, charged with drunkenness by a local resident, sent to a seminar about the dangers of alcoholism. With this service check the regional Ministry of health confirmed that doctors saw patients in a state of alcoholic intoxication, reports FlashSiberia.

“The audit showed that the nurse and an orderly worked without violations, they were adequate, traces of alcohol are detected, – quotes Agency of the representative office. – Nevertheless, we reiterate that the hospital staff sent you to a seminar about the dangers of alcoholism”.

Why, then, health workers were sent to the seminar, the Ministry has not explained, but added that any other sanctions to the medical staff of the hospital will not apply.

Earlier, the resident of Kargath Gophers Maxim said that on the evening of 14 October, he called the ambulance because of the pain in the lower abdomen in a 14-year-old daughter of his girlfriend, an EMT all three of them in the CRB, but in the er they had not met.

“Then came a nurse in uniform and took the girl, – said Squirrel. After some time we looked in the Cabinet and saw a frightened child and a nurse who could not cope with the unit for measuring pressure. In appearance, the nurse could hardly stand on his feet, she was clumsy and shaking hands.”

After that, he began to shoot the video which was subsequently posted on the web. According to suslikova, the nurse was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Then in came a woman who introduced a duty nurse and asked to stop shooting. After that, the orderly and the guards took him outside and tried to grab the phone.

It was reported that 14-year-old patient had a nurse Oksana Saprykina. The next day, the Gophers came to the police to write a statement on the matter, but was himself arrested. As it turned out, he complained to the duty doctor of the hospital, Lyudmila, Simankovich, accusing Suslikov “insulting staff” and violation of “social norms of behavior.” In the end, the man was placed into custody for two days.

While the city website the City reported that citizens have complained about other situations in the hospital drunk physicians. “Currently the investigation is underway into the death of the mother and child during surgery, where, presumably, the surgeon was also drunk,” – said the publication.

In mid-October in Perm dismissed the nurse and the nurse after the emergence of online video, depicting their appearance at work drunk and denial of medical care to the severely ill patient.

Siberian doctors hospital, accused by the patient of drunkenness, was sent to a seminar about the dangers of alcoholism 08.11.2016

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