Lawyers of ex-Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Olmert from February 15
in prison “Maasiyahu” for a bribe,
a few days ago he submitted to the Bureau of prisons for early
the release, according to Ynet.

According to the Israeli 10th
, the request of Ehud Olmert will be discussed at the meeting
the parole Board, which is appointed on December 25, writes NEWSru

If the prosecution doesn’t object, this will allow Olmert to cut
the deadline for the third. A source in jail, “Maasiyahu” noted that
the behaviour of ex-Premier flawlessly, and suggested that the Bureau of prisons
would not oppose the early release policy after
serving two thirds of the time.

The former Prime Minister is still awaiting the Supreme court’s decision in
appeals against the penalty of eight months imprisonment for the so
called “case
(named after the famous long island philanthropist,
sponsor of many politicians in the US and the Israeli charity
organizations Morris Talansky). The decision is expected to be
published in the coming weeks.

March 31, 2014, Olmert was convicted of receiving more than
500 thousand shekels from his brother when
the construction of the Holyland residential complex in Jerusalem. 29, 2015
year the Israeli Supreme court partially upheld an appeal by Olmert
this case, removing the charges of receiving the bribe and sentenced
him to 18 months in prison for bribe in 60 thousand shekels (more than 15 thousand

Earlier the Department of prisons of Israel reported that Olmert is serving your
time in a special 10th wing Maasiyahu”, which is a block on
18 prisoners who cannot be included among the rest. Unit
consists of six cameras, each with three beds, washroom,
bathroom, wardrobe, table, chairs and a TV. In the corridors installed
telephones in the unit there are also lounge, backyard
for walking, a classroom, a synagogue, a library and a dining room.

12th Prime Minister of Israel was the first in the history of the former
the Prime Minister of the Jewish state, which went for
bars. The Commission on pardons of the prisons Department twice rejected
a petition for clemency from former President of Israel Moshe Katsav, who
a seven-year term for rape.

Sitting for a bribe ex-the Prime Minister of Israel has applied for PAROLE 26.08.2016

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