The investigative Committee and the Ministry of health has conducted inspection after emergence in mass media of information that several patients of the Metropolitan research Institute of eye diseases named after Helmholtz had lost vision after the injection of the drug “Avastin”.

“According to media reports, nine patients one of the capital’s eye hospitals have lost sight while providing them with medical services, reported on the website of the UK. – From the information, it also follows that a possible cause of vision loss citizens was the introduction of low-quality pharmaceuticals”.

In this regard, the capital Glaucus SK started pre-investigation, in which investigators interviewed hospital staff, including officers responsible for the acquisition and storage of drugs. Also will be established in all patients who may suffer harm. Appointed it is judicial-expert research for establishment of degree of harm and the study of the chemical composition of the medication, notify the office.

The Director of the Department of public health & communications Ministry of health Oleg Salagai told reporters that “in connection with the emergence of information about the complications in applying the drug “Avastin” in the Institute of eye diseases. Helmholtz Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova was instructed the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of health to inspect on the given fact”, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“First you need to understand what happened and why, and whether it’s so, so early in the morning today, the health Ministry has already started to work, – said to journalists she Skvortsova. – Look, – it came very ambiguous, there are different data”.

The information that nine persons have completely lost vision after research Institute. Helmholtz they made a shot “Avastin” disseminated

According to him, now all victims are under the scrutiny of doctors, the hospital staff took their tests and began to investigate the cause of vision loss. According to one version, in cones with the drugs they were injected with, could be some infection, the report said.

The cost of one injections of “Avastin” – 10 thousand rubles, this drug is a cheaper analog of other medications, one dose of which costs patients 50 thousand RUB Both drugs help with retinal detachment, but the difference between them is only in a manufacturer, according to the source of Life in the medical community. Get the shot, “Avastin” only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, according to the publication.

Fsbi “mnii GB named. Helmholtz” of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation is the country’s oldest ophthalmologic research centre and the head on the issue of ophthalmology in the health system, reported on its official website.

“The latest medical developments, the experience of establishing and delivering eye care in difficult situations and can return vision even in the cases leading to blindness,” – noted in the materials on the website of the Institute. The Institute is the base of the Center of medicine of accidents “Protection”.

SK and the Ministry of health check data on vision loss patients of the Metropolitan research Institute. Helmholtz after injections 30.09.2016

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