The investigative Committee and the Ministry of health a month later was engaged in clarification of circumstances of death of the five-year eve Grishina of Moscow, Naro-Fominsk, who died in late August after Hiking to the doctors. The parents of the child blamed for the death of doctors. SK and the Ministry of health is interested in this case once the inhabitants of Naro-Fominsk took to the streets demanding to punish the doctors.

The investigation division at Naro-Fominsk Central Board SK across the Moscow region opened a criminal case on the fact of rendering of medical services does not meet safety requirements, and entailing by negligence the death of a minor girl (section “C” of part 2 of article 238 of the criminal code), reported on the website of the Ministry on September 28.

According to investigators, on 22 August, the girl’s parents approached the INSTITUTION, Naro-Fominskaya dental clinic with severe toothache in the child. The doctors examined the oral cavity and cleaned root canal. The following week the girl was at home and on health did not complain, and on August 28, felt the pain in my legs. The next day the parents went to a private clinic, where the child is made after x-ray was diagnosed with a sprain and prescribed treatment.

August 30, the child’s condition worsened and his parents took him to the emergency Department, Naro-Fominsk district hospital with complaints of severe pain throughout the body girls. According to them, the staff of the institution was not provided with timely and qualified help, instead, the doctors recommended to take painkillers at home, the report said.

In the second half of day the girl became worse with a high temperature and fever, she was brought to the emergency Department one of the district hospitals, however, hospitalization in this medical institution, the parents refused. Then the doctor gave them a referral for hospitalization in one of the Moscow hospitals, but after the delivery in Moscow on the evening of the same day the girl died, despite the efforts of doctors. The preliminary cause of death was cryptogenic sepsis (a blood infection. – Approx. NEWSru.comit is stated in the press release.

Now investigators have to figure out which of the health facilities was provided to low-skilled jobs that do not meet the safety requirements of medical services, which entailed by negligence the death of a child. To establish the exact cause of the girl’s death is carried out is judicial-medical examination of medical institutions seized the necessary documentation, advised SK.

Later that day the head of the Department of public health and communications, the Ministry of health Oleg Salagai told Interfaxthat the head of Department Veronika Skvortsova instructed the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of health to conduct a probe into the death of a girl in Naro-Fominsk in connection with the emergence of information about the improper provision of medical aid in one of medical institutions of the city, which led to the death of the child.”

SK and the Ministry of health intervened after the street protests of citizens

The girl’s father told reporters that five days after the visit to the dentist eve began to weaken and the foot, and in a private clinic, she was diagnosed with a sprain of the hip and prescribed an ointment, but the child was getting worse. According to father, when my daughter began a fever, the parents took her to the district hospital, but doctors there confirmed the diagnosis and sent Eva home.

“After a couple of hours the child was very bad, she cried, to touch her is absolutely impossible. Called an ambulance, the doctors came out, looked at it, asked – the tests passed? Blood, urine? We said, “No.” We just sent home”, – quotes the head of the family, the TV channel “360”.

The girl in the ambulance again brought to the district hospital to the moment she almost could not walk. The child took the tests and was offered hospitalization, but the parents refused. Father took the girl to the capital Morozov children’s hospital where Eva was immediately placed in intensive care. The doctor told my father that the girl has twice stopped heart, and if he had brought his daughter a few hours earlier it could have been saved.

According to one version, the girl could get blood poisoning at the dentist’s office, handed over the channel.

Upon learning of the tragedy in the family Grishin, the residents of Naro-Fominsk took to the streets with placards and demand to punish doctors incompetence which they constantly face, the report says.

SK and the Ministry of health deal with the death of 5-year-old girl from the suburbs after Hiking to the doctors 28.09.2016

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