The Investigative Committee of the Kemerovo region has named the preliminary cause of the sudden death of 13-year-old schoolgirl in Novokuznetsk, who died on 5 October after the warm-up to practice basketball.

“Experts established that the girl died due to decompensation of cardio-pulmonary failure”, – quotes the portal “Sibgeo” assistant to the head of the regional UK Hope Ananyev.

“But this is only the first information, there is still more research that will help the experts to determine the exact cause of death,” she added in comments to RIA “Novosti”.

Earlier in SK have informed that according to preliminary data, the girl had chronic diseases and contraindications for sports. During the preliminary investigation it was established that the girl came to class in the sports section at school N65 NOVOIL’inskiy district of Novokuznetsk, the workout, she got sick and she lost consciousness.

The coach called an ambulance, and he tried to carry out resuscitation, but neither he nor the arrived physicians could not help the schoolgirl – she died on the way to the hospital, reported in the UK.

The relatives of the dead girl Wiki claim that the ambulance arrived at the school only after 40 minutes and all the while the teacher unsuccessfully tried to revive the child. Local media reported that the first brigade ambulance arrived and then the second failed to revive the girl, because no car was equipped with a defibrillator.

However, the head of the city ambulance station Ramil co-denied that his subordinates took so long to get to school. He also said that by the time of arrival of doctors the girl was in a state of clinical death and resuscitation failed.

In the city of Novokuznetsk later said that both teams of emergency medical equipment according to the standard, including defibrillators, reported “Gazeta Kemerovo”.

Before that, local media published a scan of the explanatory notes to clarify the budget of the city district of Novokuznetsk for 2016 and the planning period of 2017 and 2018, which refers to the spending cuts in several areas in the current year “for optimization purposes”, including the provision of emergency assistance to 2 million 275 thousand rubles, and on medical vehicles 21 thousand.

The document also specified which areas and increased public funding in 2016: among them were the fireworks during the celebration of may 9 victory Day (1.4 million) and the allocation of 26.8 million rubles management culture to activities on preparation and celebration of the 400th anniversary of the founding of the city.

Case in Novokuznetsk has joined the list of such tragedies that have occurred this year and earlier. On September 15, Novosibirsk 13-year-old schoolgirl died during a dance. In January of this year the pupil of correctional school of the city of Serov in the Sverdlovsk region suddenly collapsed and died in gym class.

Similar cases were recorded in 2014 in the city Yartsevo Smolensk region, where he died on the ninth, which had exemption from physical education, as well as in the city of Zheleznogorsk, Kursk region, where he died a pupil of the sixth class.

SK called the cause of death Kuzbass Schoolgirls after sports workout 13.10.2016

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