In Makhachkala in recent days, 131 people applied to medical institutions with symptoms of poisoning, 108 of them were hospitalized. It is noted that in patients diagnosed with acute intestinal infection, according to the portal “Kavpolit”. The investigation has joined the staff of the Investigative Committee.

Earlier in social networks there were messages with recommendations to local residents to refrain from drinking water from the tap, as the hospital received many people with intestinal infection. In the CPS of Dagestan, said that specialists conduct the analysis of water, according to the journalists.

Later, a representative of the Ministry of health confirmed the accuracy of the information about mass hospitalization of people. “In the period from 27 to 28 October in the national center for infectious diseases asked 131 people with the clinic of acute intestinal infection. Hospitalized 108 people, including 72 children. In connection with the increase in the incidence of advanced profiled 60 beds, recruited to work in hospitals, four doctors and six nurses,” he said (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).

The interviewee noted that the causes of human disease are being investigated. According to one version, it could be poor quality water. “In this period, the CPS conducts sampling of water in areas, where did the sick”, – said the representative of the Republican Ministry of health.

Investigation Department of the RF IC in the Republic of Dagestan on the fact of mass poisoning of inhabitants of the city of Makhachkala drinking water has been conducted preliminary examination, announced the Agency. Preliminary cause of poisoning could be contaminated drinking water that is supplied to houses through the water lines.

“It is established that during several days of October 2016 to the city hospital of Makhachkala hospitalized more than 100 residents of the Republic, of which more than 70 children with the diagnosis “a sharp intestinal poisoning”, – stressed in the UK.

Currently, the Republic is the complex of investigative and verification activities in respect of officers who are responsible for the normal functioning of urban water supply networks are required to monitor the quality of the supplied water to the population and to monitor the condition of used waterworks, said the investigators.

SK is investigating the mass poisoning of drinking water in Dagestan: more than 100 people hospitalized 28.10.2016

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