Large GRES of Ryazan on Saturday, the explosion injured two people, the station operates at the same power, however, the authorities started investigation to ascertain the cause of the explosion.

The explosion occurred at the power plant in the city of Novomichurinsk, which is among the five largest Russian power plants. Around midnight at the station, an explosion occurred in the coal-air mixture during the shutdown of the boiler unit. According to specified data, injured two workers, one of them hospitalized in serious condition with burns, reports “Interfax”.

Investigators RF IC in the Ryazan region initiated a preliminary investigation into the explosion at the power plant in the city of Novomichurinsk of the Ryazan region, told TASS on Saturday in a press-Department service.

Another check is conducted by the Rostekhnadzor, as well as Wholesale generating company N2 – the owner of the station.

According to the Ministry of energy, the explosion, the station did not reduce its power and is operating normally.

According to the MOE, for the liquidation of emergency involved 15 firefighters and 5 units of special equipment.

Ryazanskaya GRES is located in the city of Novomichurinsk of the Ryazan region, about 80 kilometers South of Ryazan and 285 km South-East from Moscow. It is among five largest Russian power plants in terms of installed capacity, which is 3.07 thousand megawatts. The primary fuel for the power plant is coal and natural gas.

SK started checking after the explosion at the power plant near Ryazan 23.09.2017

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