The investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) found no evidence of the existence of a state doping programme, aimed at improving the performance of the athletes. This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee Ilya Lazuta.

“Evidence on the existence and implementation in Russia of a certain state doping program aimed at the conquest of Russian athletes in international competitions the maximum number of medals that were not received”, – quotes “Interfax” the statement Lazutova made Wednesday at a press conference.

According to the reporter, the investigation is still in the active phase, and the timing of its completion will depend on how quickly the TFR will receive responses to queries in the so-called report McLaren to the Western colleagues.

Note that before the start of the investigation, the representative of SK Russian Federation Vladimir Markin has expressed its “absolutely clear subjective view” that statements about the existence of government doping program in Russia are nothing more than attempts to “sworn friends” completely compromise the Russian sport in particular and Russia in General.

The Lazuta also announced that the TFR has the testimony of a number of athletes that the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, Grigory Rodchenkov athletes bowed to eat unidentified drugs, which were subsequently banned.

While Rodchenkov for a long time used his official position and removed itself, including material benefit.

A number of athletes whose names the speaker refused to name, gave direct testimony about what Rodchenkov has induced them to use drugs, reliable properties which were not known, but were subsequently identified as doping.

“In the course of the investigation there are more questions to the activities Rodchenkova as to him personally and to the group of persons who could be involved in criminal activity – said Lazuta. Speech here can go only about the revealed crimes, but also certain criminal schemes led by Rodchenkova”.

The representative of the RCDS urged not to believe the testimony of this “dishonest person” who was directly involved in the Commission of crimes in this category and could lead the created criminal group.

SKR has not found evidence of the existence of a doping program in Russia 30.11.2016

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