A former employee of the national security Agency (NSA), USA Edward Snowden, who issued secret documents of U.S. intelligence, the media and forced to flee after that in Russia, did not rule out the possibility of a deal between Moscow and Washington and the subsequent extradition to his homeland after coming to power new President of Donald trump.

“It’s possible. It would be crazy to exclude such a possibility,” said Snowden during an online chat that was broadcast online StartPage, writes The Guardian.

Snowden recalled that earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin in front of chambers has declared that Russia considers him a human rights defender. “And regardless of our views on Russian politics, which is clearly a lot of problems, they said that Russia is not the country that issues of human rights defenders”, he added.

At the same time he stated that he is not afraid of such turn of events. “If I was worried about issues of personal safety, if the safety and future was the only thing I care about, I’d still be in Hawaii,” added Snowden.

The Guardian notes that trump previously spoke positively about Russia, which he was even suspected of having links with the Kremlin. However, about Snowden’s new President spoke harshly, not excluding his execution.

“Snowden is a spy who caused a great damage to the United States. Before, when our country was strong and respected, spies were executed,” wrote trump in his microblog Twitter in April 2014.

In September, Snowden urged the outgoing President Barack Obama not to punish him for publishing classified information, and to pardon before he leaves office. However, the White house said that such an option is not considered by the administration and is not discussed in the Ministry of justice.

In June 2013, Edward Snowden gave the Newspapers the Washington Post and The Guardian of the secret data which showed that US intelligence services tapped telephone conversations and monitor e-mails of U.S. citizens and foreign leaders. Fearing persecution by the us authorities, Snowden flew to Hong Kong and later to Moscow. In August 2014 former employee of U.S. intelligence received a three-year residence permit in Russia. In the United States of Snowden accused of espionage, at home he faces up to 30 years in prison.

Snowden did not rule out that Putin and trump will cut a deal for his extradition to the US 11.11.2016

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