On the anniversary of the Russian campaign with SAR the Syrian Supervisory Board for human rights (SOHR) has summed up intermediate results. According to SOHR, September 30, 2015, from Russian air strikes killed 9364 person, including civilians and militants.

Among 9364 people killed in Russian air strikes, 3804 were peaceful citizens of Syria, including 906 children under the age of 18, 561 woman over the age of 18 years, and 2337 men over the age of 18 years.

Other victims of Russian air strikes – 5560 people – were members of the various armed groups operating in Syria. Among those 2746 5560 of the dead people were militants of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” (DAIS) and the remaining 2814 – fighters of other groups.

The report further SOHR said that the last time Russian planes VC in the bombing in Syria used, in particular, bomb-type RBC (the acronym stands for “single cluster bomb”). The report indicates not only the type, but its precise modification – RBK-500 ZAB-2.5 SM. The photo of the bomb can be viewed here.

RBK-500 ZAB-2.5 SM is a single cluster bomb with an incendiary combat elements. The weight of one cassette is 499 pounds. It contains 297 elements of combat. These combat elements cover the “glowing spots” in the area of 20-80 thousand square meters. In General, cluster bomb designed to destroy enemy equipment, warehouses and buildings with light beams.

In the report of the SOHR says that when you break combat elements spills out “thermite” substance consisting of aluminium powder and iron oxide. If the person is close to break combat element of the bomb, he gets severe burns because the burning time after the rupture elements is approximately three minutes.

“Perhaps this shocking statistic, the cries and pain of Syrian civilians forced the international community to pay attention to the continued killing of Syrian citizens and forced to bring the perpetrators to international courts so that they have incurred the deserved punishment”, – the report says SOHR.

The Syrian Supervisory Board for human rights, prepared the report for the anniversary of the Russian operation in Syria, appeared in 2006. Despite the grandiose name, as the newspaper The New York Times, the Council is of one man, Rami Abdul-Rahman, who long ago left Syria and lives in the UK, where he owns two clothing stores.

The German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote that the reliability of the information SOHR difficult to inspect, but noted that the center receives information from about 200 informants in Syria and several neighboring States, according to a site translation InoPressa.ru.

On the Russian military presence in Syria, the first reports appeared in August 2015, however officially about the beginning of the operation, FSI Russian only became known on 30 September of the same year. In mid-March 2016, President Vladimir Putin ordered to withdraw the bulk of the military group, since the task was “generally completed”.

During the military campaign, in which, in addition to videoconferencing was attended by units of the Navy and special forces in the conflict zone, according to official figures, killed 20 Russian soldiers, 15 people were killed after Putin announced the withdrawal of “core” troops. On the website of the TV channel “Rain” provides information about 23 of the dead Russians.

Meanwhile, the Russian media wrote that in Syria are mercenaries who were in the combat zone in a few private military companies. One of the biggest – “PMCs Wagner.” According to “Fantacy.ru”, in the zone of conflict has killed “dozens” of mercenaries this company. Thus, despite the criminal penalties in Russia for mercenaries, members of the “PMC Wagner was awarded these military orders.

SOHR: from impacts of videoconferencing in Syria for a year of Islamic state terrorists killed fewer than civilians 30.09.2016

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