Donald trump Jr., son of the elected President of the United States, discussed ways of cooperation with Russia in Syria with a number of diplomats, businessmen and politicians. On the meeting, which was held in October, before the election trump, Sr., the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

The event was organized by a French research center. The organization’s founder Fabien of Bassar and his wife Randa kassis, as the newspaper writes, “worked closely with Russia to support an end to the conflict.” Cassis – the head of the Syrian opposition “Movement for a pluralistic society”. This organization advocates for a political transition in Syria in cooperation with President Bashar al-Assad, says “Kommersant”.

Cassis told the WSJ that during the meeting with trump, Jr. insisted on the importance of cooperation with Russia on the Middle East. “We have to be realistic. Who is on the ground in Syria? Not USA, not France. Without Russia we cannot achieve any decision on Syria”, – quotes its RIA “Novosti”.

In addition to Cassis, presence, trump, Jr. at a meeting in Paris confirmed the Advisor of the elected President of the United States, Kellyann Conway. However, she denied that the conversation son elected President with Cassis.

RIA recalls that in November of kassis met a representative of the Russian President for the Middle East, Russian Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov.

Donald trump (senior) won the election 8 Nov. The inauguration of President-elect is scheduled for January 20.

Son of trump discussed with foreign “friends of Russia” ways of interaction in Syria 24.11.2016

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