Federal air transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) has denied reports about dangerous rapprochement of the aircrafts, Falcon 2000 and the A320 in the skies over Moscow. As stated by RBC Advisor to the head of the Agency Sergey Izvolsky, the information “completely untrue”. He stressed that any maneuvers that could lead to the incident were not made.

“It was a false positive warning on one of the planes. What triggered the TCAS – will understand the company that owns the aircraft,” said Izvolsky. According to him, the second plane, “the system didn’t work, which confirms false positive”. Planes went in the same direction at given altitudes dispatchers, said the representative of Rosaviation. TCAS (Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System), referred to Sergei Izvolsky, is a collision warning system of aircraft in the air.

Informed on Thursday “Interfax” citing a source in the emergency services of the region said that in the sky over Moscow has been a dangerous convergence of two aircraft, private aircraft and Airbus flying from Turkey.

According to the interlocutor Agency, the incident occurred on Wednesday evening, November 23. A private plane that was at the height of 11 thousand 300 meters, reported the warning systems because of the convergence were at the height of 10 thousand 950 metres, Airbus, EN route flight from Ankara to Moscow.

In turn, the source of REN TV reported that the incident occurred with the business jet Falcon and a passenger Airbus A-320.

Falcon flew from Ankara and went to the international Federal airport Ostafyevo. In the cockpit the system worked the proximity warning. It turned out that at 350 meters below flew a passenger airliner, said a source.

In the end, all ended well: the planes were able to return to their courses, the source said. The interlocutors of journalists noted that the trial is carried out aimed at establishing the circumstances, which occurred in dangerous proximity of aircraft.

Sony has denied reports about dangerous rapprochement of two planes in the sky over Moscow 24.11.2016

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