The crash of the helicopter Mi-8 in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous region may be caused by adverse weather conditions, reported to the Federal air transport Agency. Earlier media reports claimedthat the helicopter crashed over the years did not pass checkup. The names of the members of the crew and passengers of the Mi-8.

“According to preliminary data, the event may be related to adverse weather conditions”, – have informed in Federal Agency.

Source TASS in law enforcement bodies was more specific: according to this, the cause of the disaster, which claimed the lives of 19 people, could be the icing of the blades. “The flight was performed in adverse weather conditions, characterized by low cloudiness, precipitation of snowfall, gusts of wind. The temperature in the area of flight – minus 5 – minus 8 degrees,” – said the Federal air transport Agency.

The interlocutor of the TASS also said that the Mi-8 helicopter crashed in Yamal, was technically sound: “I was in a good condition, passed the necessary preflight preparation in accordance with established procedure and maintenance”.

Helicopter Mi-8 of airline “Skol” carrying employees of the contractor along the route of the Suzunskoye field at Novy Urengoy, on the evening of 21 October made a hard landing 80 km North-West of the settlement of Urengoy. On Board were 22 people, 19 of them, including three crew members, died. Three victims were hospitalized, their lives are not in danger.

Upon crash a criminal case under part 3 St. 263 criminal code of the Russian Federation
(violation of safety rules of movement and operation of air
transport, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons).
The consequence considers three main versions of the crash of air
ship: violation of the rules of operation and flight safety, the failure
machinery, adverse weather conditions.

The names of the members of the crew and passengers

The investigators found the names of 22 members of the crew and passengers of the helicopter that crashed yesterday in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district (YANAO). About this TASS said a source in the investigative bodies.

“The crew of the aircraft commander – Dodonov A. G., the second pilot – Failure V. Yu., flight engineer – V. A. Sabitov, passengers – Rations V. E., Yakovenko A. N., Agzamov I. I., Ovsyannikov V. Yu., Antonov, B. I., Veremeev A. A., Tokarev N. In. Salov V. V., Starikov P. A., Bakhtin N. A. Lukantsov A. A., Verzilov, D. L., Afonin A.V., Uvarov V. M., Koshelev, B. P., N. Semenovykh.N., Vedenkin A. I., Svetlichnyi, V. V., A. S. Rybakov”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

At the moment it is known that among the victims were Rybakov, among the survivors Svetlichnaya. Other information not yet specified.

The families of the victims will pay a million

The families of those killed and injured in the hard landing of helicopter Mi-8 on behalf of the Governor of Yamal Dmitry Kobylkin, will be paid financial aid, reports “Interfax” with reference to the press service of the government of Yamal. The families of the deceased will receive 1 million rubles, the amount of financial assistance to victims is specified.

In addition, in Novy Urengoy will be a reception held for relatives
the victims for the procedure of identification of the bodies. currently,
the locations of the accommodation, food, transportation of relatives
dead, formed teams to provide them with medical and psychological
help volunteer group.

Sony has named the preliminary version of accident of Mi-8 on Yamal 22.10.2016

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