Footage of the attack on the veterinary clinic in Vladivostok recently appeared in YouTube, quickly get viral spread. The anti-hero of the movie was a sentimental man, a pain in his fists touched by the death of your beloved cat.

According to “data, veterinary doctors were beaten a dead cat without any reason – they don’t even have time to see four-legged patients, as did other animals. However, frustrated GoToWebinar decided to come back with a support group and tell the vets sore.

“He was not one to support a friend came three more people. After the cat-lover has launched her pet student, he began to lash out at people in uniform, so he pounced on me. As a result I had a concussion and a broken nose,” – said an employee of the clinic Yuriy Parkhomenko. He assured that he is not, when and what is died cat.

Later, physicians had to administer first aid to one of the friends of the attacker – the emotional intensity of the events called the man an epileptic seizure. Then the dead cat is pulled out from under the bench, where he flew during the fight, and returned to the owner, and arriving police officers made the Protocol on an administrative incident.

As specifies the edition, the fighter with the dead animal as a weapon of retaliation turned 18 July, but no charges intemperate the GoToWebinar has not been shown. Veterinarians continue to demand justice.

Sorry GoToWebinar beat vets corpse of your pet (VIDEO) 10.10.2016

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