The Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev, detained the night before, on Tuesday, 15 November, charged with extortion and receiving a bribe of 2 million dollars, have informed “Interfax” the official representative of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko.

According to investigators, the speaker illegally demanded from the representative
PJSC “NC “Rosneft” as a bribe money “for legal
the results of the positive conclusion and evaluation in relation to the transaction
the acquisition of Rosneft state stake in PJSC ANC
“Bashneft”. “Thus, the defendant made threats using their
authority to create further obstacles for
of the company”, – said Petrenko.

The charge brought against the General Directorate of investigation
especially important issues SK at part 6, item 290 of the criminal code (receiving a bribe by a person holding a state post of the Russian Federation, with extortion of a bribe in especially large size), providing till 15 years of imprisonment.

According to Petrenko, the speaker was detained November 14, when receiving a bribe in the amount of $ 2 million “thanks
the timely appeal of representatives of “Rosneft” in law enforcement
bodies with the statement for illegal actions of the Minister”.

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Currently, the investigators appealed to court with the petition
election concerning accused a preventive measure, said Petrenko. She again stressed that “the legality of the acquisition
“Rosneft” shares “Bashneft” is not disputed, and it is not
is the subject of the investigation.”

Meanwhile, the media continues to report all new, unconfirmed officially, the details of the case of bribe extortion, which accused the speaker.

Previously “Interfax” reported in law enforcement that the money Ulyukayev was transferred “in the course of the investigative experiment under the control of the security forces”. However, the sources of”Novaya Gazeta” argued that two million dollars in cash, intended, according to the investigation, Ulyukayev, was placed in safe-Deposit box – Minister personally there not seized and in the hands of the bills did not take.

At the same time, indicated the sources, the materials are “operational and technical measures”, held at the initiative and with the direct participation of the head of the security service of “Rosneft” Oleg Feoktistov, “indicate claims of the Minister on this money.” Feoktistov was head of the security service company as a seconded employee of the FSB. Until August, he served as first Deputy chief of Management of own safety (USB) the FSB, the article says.

According to sources, speaker last night was detained by the staff of the 3rd Department of the “K” of the FSB, working in counterintelligence in the financial sector, and the 6th service of the USB of the FSB.

According to the source RIA “Novosti” in law enforcement bodies, the speaker was in development for the FSB more than a year, and the reason for carrying out investigative experiment against him were the results of the wiretapping.

As it turned out, Russian President Vladimir Putin knew about the development Ulyukayev law enforcement authorities and received all information about the investigation from the beginning.

On Tuesday, the questioning of the detained Minister. The measure of restraint for him is to elect the Basmanny court of the capital. Have Ulyukayev yet lawyer, reports RT with reference to sources in the law environment. “He is in talks with a number of people”, – told one of the famous lawyers. To name them, he refused.

In turn, the press service of the investigative Committee noted that while there was no information on what Alexei Ulyukayev have a lawyer, they have not been. Meanwhile, according to the procedure, the presence of a lawyer at the court hearing on Tuesday is imperative. For this reason, if the speaker is not a lawyer himself, he was given a public defender.

The detention of the speaker, shocked his colleagues

The message on detention of the speaker, shocked his colleagues in the higher echelons of power. So, the first Deputy head of the Bank of Russia Sergey Shvetsov expressed extreme surprise at the circumstances of the detention of the Minister: “I have great respect for Alexei Valentinovich. His last one would suspect of something like that. What is written in the press, seems to be absurd. Now nothing is clear”.

The head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin admitted that he was shocked by the news, and believes that the charges against Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev looks strange: people with extensive experience in Russian politics will not be of sound mind to extort money from the head of “Rosneft” for the transaction.

“You have to be insane to a month later after the approval of the transaction and the formal legal and political, took place, to threaten Rosneft’s something to extort $2 million from Igor Ivanovich Sechin, is actually one of the most influential people in our country. It had not then TFR to detain and representatives Kashchenko. So I think from a meaningful standpoint this accusation is, to put it mildly, is not strongly proven and rational,” – said Shokhin.

Former Deputy Minister of economic development of Russia Sergey Belyakov considers the detention of the speaker of “strange” and does not even admit the possibility of extortion of money from “Rosneft”. “I do not allow” – said Belyakov to a journalist’s question of “Gorda” whether it allows the possibility that the head of the MAYOR could have issued an ultimatum to talk on the phone with the employees of Rosneft and to extort from them a bribe.

Press Secretary of “Rosneft” Leontiev: “the speaker takes the money for anything – that’s chutzpah!

“Rosneft” while an official statement in connection with the detention of Alexei Ulyukayev is not performed. The company’s position will be formulated later said in an interview with The Insider, a press-the Secretary “Rosneft” Mikhail Leontyev. But the journalist spoke about this “not as a spokesman for Rosneft, Mikhail Leontyev”.

“I don’t know what’s going on, he (the speaker) takes the money for anything, that’s chutzpah. A lot. Picks for nothing, just because this is beautiful! Perfect rudeness!” concluded Leontiev. “I understand there Alekperov (the President and the largest co-owner of “LUKOIL” Vagit Alekperov – прим or other people! Quite insolent!” – was indignant the press-Secretary of “Rosneft”.

Rosneft is the victim morally, and would be financially, if the police worked less. $ 2 million for nothing, supposedly the money was given for the positive assessment on the part of Economic. Evaluation of “Bashneft” and so could not be negative,” – said Leontiev.

Sources of “Novaya Gazeta”, told about the procedure of transfer of $ 2 million Ulyukayev 15.11.2016

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