Aircraft aviation Navy of the Republic of Korea mistakenly dropped in the sea a few anti-ship missiles, depth bombs and torpedoes. Ammunition was not equipped, on their quest sent a minesweeper, said the Agency Yonhap.

The incident occurred over the sea of Japan. The Lockheed P-3CK dumped at sea anti-ship missiles, “Harpoon”, torpedoes and underwater mines, reports RIA “Novosti”.

The missiles fell into the water about 30 kilometers off the East coast of the country. In the area there was one fishing boat, but no damage inflicted was not.

“One of the crew members mistakenly pulled the emergency release switch weapons,” – said the official representative of the Navy.

Naval forces reported that weaponry was not equipped and the risk of explosion was not. To extract it from water to the scene of the incident was sent to a minesweeper and salvage vessel, reports TASS.

Military promised to carry out the necessary checks and to take measures to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents.

South Korean plane accidentally dropped in the sea torpedoes and underwater mines 01.01.2017

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