South Korean President Park Geun-Hye brought emotional apology over scandal with her friend who is suspected of trying to influence the decisions of the leadership of the country, reports Yonhap. “It breaks my heart,” said the head of state. She said that they are ready to answer all questions from investigators.

Amid the scandal, the level of public support for the Park Geun-Hye has updated the record of the fall and tumbled to its lowest level in 5%. The leader of the opposition Democratic party “Tabora” Chu Mi e called an insincere apology to the President and called to remove her from working.

Park Geun-Hye is suspected that she let his friend knew more than 40 years, to intervene in the Affairs of state – passed on important and confidential documents, including copies of its future performances, and is allowed to make edits. According to media reports, choe song SIL interfered in appointments and the work of the presidential administration.

A friend of the President was in the center of a major scandal that erupted in recent weeks in the country. Choi sung-SIL accused that she used her influence to keep a major South Korean corporations to make multimillion-dollar donations to two affiliated Fund – Mir and K-Sports. According to the press, through these structures the funds were received from 53 companies in the amount of 80 billion won ($72 million). Part of them was allegedly used Choi sung-SIL for purchase of real estate abroad and tuition daughter.

Former senior Secretary to the President of South Korea, Ahn Jung Beom November 3, was arrested 48 hours after interrogation on charges of corruption and abuse of power. Him accused that it has forced several large South Korean companies to make multimillion-dollar contributions to two special funds relating to the girlfriend of the leader of the country’s Choi sung-SIL.

Choi sung-SIL – a daughter and follower enjoys the grim fame of the preacher Choi Tae the Mine, the founder of the sect of the “Church of eternal life”, to practice a mixture of Christianity, Buddhism and Korean shamanism, reports “Kommersant”. Cultist died in 1994. Park Geun-Hye met him in 1974 at the funeral of his mother killed by opponents of the current President’s father, the dictator of South Korea, Park Jung Hee. Earlier the press reported that the leader of the sect walked into the credibility of the current President of South Korea, convincing her that may come in contact with her dead mother.

South Korean President apologized for the scandal with her friend and agreed to the interrogation 04.11.2016

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