South Korean President Park Geun-Hye on Tuesday, 29 November, made a televised address to the nation. The head of the Republic expressed their readiness to resign if the Parliament will ensure the safe transition of power. It was made in light of the recent outbreak of the scandal, during which it became known that Park Geun-Hye devoted to important state issues its long-standing close friend Choi sung-SIL, which, in turn, used the newfound influence for personal enrichment.

The head of state said he will retire in accordance with the schedule and procedures that will produce for her parliamentary party, according to Yonhap. “I will instruct the National Assembly (the unicameral Parliament of South Korea. – Approx. decide on a number of issues, including the reduction of my presidential term,” said Park Geun-Hye.

“If the ruling and opposition parties will develop a method that will minimize any confusion and a vacuum in government and ensure a stable transition to a new government, I will retire in accordance with the schedule and legal procedures”, – assured the head of the Republic of Korea.

During his speech, the President also denied his involvement in any corruption schemes. Park Geun-Hye said that during his 18-year political career never had “any personal interests.” However, the President acknowledged his guilt in that failed to exercise caution in relation to the closest companions.

While earlier, the Prosecutor’s office of South Korea came to the conclusion that Park Geun-Hye was directly involved in the corrupt schemes of a close friend Choi sung-SIL, which is accused of using its influence to keep a major South Korean corporations to make multimillion-dollar donations to related non-governmental funds. Although to indict the President not because of immunity, the investigation is ongoing, said the Supervisory Agency.

Opposition: Park Geun-Hye is trying to delay retirement

The representative of the Democratic party, Park Kwang-he believes that the President looked like an attempt to delay retirement. “She passes the initiative to the Parliament, while the could just resign, – the oppositionist declared, quoted by Reuters. – She asks the Parliament to choose a date for her resignation, knowing that this will lead to a discussion on when to hold the presidential elections, and will postpone everything.”

The appeal of the Park Geun-Hye to the citizens took place the next day, after some of her loyal supporters in the conservative party “Senuri” advised to resign as President in a “noble manner”, without waiting for the forcible removal through impeachment. A group of politicians also called on Park Geun-Hye to resign no later than April 2017.

Earlier, the opposition parties made the project to start impeachment proceedings against to discredit the President. The opposition are planning to send the document to a vote in Parliament in the coming Friday, 2 December.

Park Geun-Hye once again apologized to the nation

This appeal to the nation became the third since the beginning of high-profile corruption scandal involving the President and her friend. This time, Park Geun-Hye once again apologized to citizens, saying that her heart hurts because of the inability to assuage public frustration and anger.

The previous apology was not able to radically change public opinion. The approval rating of the President fell to a record 4%, and in Seoul for several weeks held massive protests demanding the resignation of the head of state, caught up in loud corruption scandal. Last Saturday at a protest rally in the South Korean capital brought together about 800 thousand people, as reported by the organizers of the demonstration.

Park Geun-Hye is suspected that she let his longtime girlfriend to interfere in the Affairs of state: passed important and confidential documents, including copies of its future performances, and allowed them to make changes that allowed Choi sung-SIL to have a direct influence on politics and the economy. Also the head of South Korea accused that it could play an important role in forcing local companies to transfer large sums to the accounts of two non-profit foundations associated with her friend Choi sung-SIL.

A confidante of the President had previously arrested and charged her. Also charges were brought against two former aides to Park Geun-Hye, whom the consequence considers as accomplices.

South Korean President in address to the nation called the condition of his resignation 29.11.2016

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